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ECB’s Lagarde promotes Digital Euro for EU citizens
Governments and Central Banks around the world are continuously surveying the pros, cons, and security risks of...

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Analysts foresee BTC to dip around liquidity clusters
The digital currency market sentiments are rapidly changing, even benchmark security token ICOs like Bitcoin has...

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With New Integration, Chainlink lands on Bitcoin sidechain RSK
Developers on RSK no longer need to create their oracle to build their DApps.

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YouTube pulls the plug on another crypto live stream.
The platform has cut off crypto-related videos before...

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Binance lists WBTC amid the ongoing DeFi craze
Along with the DeFi rally, demand for Wrapped Bitcoin is increasing.

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BTC miner reveals that they are getting paid to produce Bitcoins
700% profits have happened due to Layer1's plan to sell excess power back to Texans.

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Can DeFi projects avoid getting cloned and dying?
Was SushiSwap a good thing for the DeFi sector?

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CEO of Band Protocol says that a single Chainlink data request costs $450
Chain link is going to be given a run for its money on Ethereum by Band Protocol.

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