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Binance Issues ONT-33 D Token.jpg

Binance Issues ONT-33 D Token for Decentralized Exchange Trading

Binance has launched an ONT backed Token dubbed as ONT-33D which has been pegged by ONT coins on a 1:1 ratio on the blockchain of Binance exchange. The Token has been developed on the Ontology...

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The Japan Token Offering Association Issues.jpg

The Japan Token Offering Association (JSTOA) Issues New Regulatory Guidelines for Crypto Asset Management

In a recently held meeting, The Japan Token offering Association (JSTOA) has released new regulatory guidelines to protect the crypto assets and privacy of the customers. The guidelines...

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Crypto Institutional Custodian BitGo.jpg

Crypto Institutional Custodian BitGo Acquires Portfolio Management platform Lumina

One of the largest digital asset platforms, BitGo has recently acquired Portfolio management services company Lumina. The deal is said to be an extension of the expansion strategy of BitGo which has..

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Crypto Exchange Bitnomial to launch Bitcoin Derivative Exchange.jpg

Crypto Exchange Bitnomial to launch Bitcoin Derivative Exchange

After a long wait, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has permitted Bitnomial Exchange to launch a Bitcoin Derivative Exchange. As per the reports, the User-acceptance Testing is in...

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Gemini Clears the International Financial Operations.jpg

Gemini Clears the International Financial Operations Excellence Standards Examination - SOC Type 1

Leading Exchange and Custodian Gemini has pioneered the crypto industry in passing the International high standard Financial Operations Compliance 1 Type 1 Examination. The Test has been performed...

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Ripple Sues YouTube for Proliferating XRP giveaway Scams on it platform.jpg

Ripple Sues YouTube for Proliferating XRP Giveaway Scams on it Platform

Major Blockchain firm Ripple has sued YouTube on Tuesday charging that it has failed to protect the users against the fake XRP giveaway scams on its platform. Ripple alleged that through the fake...

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Chief Of Digital Money Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the chief of digital money on the planet. It's shared money, and exchange framework upheld a decentralized agreement based public record called blockchain that records all...;

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