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RBI warns against 'dollarization' of the economy caused by cryptocurrencies

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) officials have warned that the majority of cryptocurrencies are denominated in dollars, which could lead to the dollarization of the Indian economy...

May 24, 2022 0 | 0


RBI Launches Digital Rupee Pilot Across 13 Cities

RBI, India's central bank, has announced the launch of the first digital rupee retail pilot, which will start in four Indian cities and expand to nine more...

Dec 04, 2022 0 | 0


Indian Government Generates Rs. 157.9 Crore from Direct Tax on Crypto Transactions

Indian government's decision to tax crypto transactions generates Rs. 157.9 crore from direct tax deducted at source for FY 2022-23, proving the potential of crypto as a legitimate asset class

Mar 30, 2023 0 | 0


Swaprum DEX On Arbitrum Rug Pulls $3M, SAPR Token Crashes 100%

The theft on the Arbitrum network was discovered on Friday by the on-chain analysis business PeckShield.

May 22, 2023 0 | 0


Hacked Liquidity Protocol Jimbos Offers Deadline to Exploiters Before Onboarding Law Enforcement

Jimbos Protocol, an Arbitrum-based liquidity platform, acknowledged collaborating with numerous security experts and on-chain analyzers following a weekend exploit that cost it about $7.5 million.

Jun 01, 2023 0 | 0


Indian Banks Advised to Embrace AI and Blockchain for Future Preparedness

A senior RBI official recommended banks to adopt AI and blockchain technology for long-term growth and stability.

Jun 01, 2023 0 | 0

Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI-Tech Utility Token
Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI Tech
Innovative Bitcoin Tool Empowers Billions of Companies with Lightning-Fast BTC Payments, Revolutionizing the Trillion-Dollar Market

The LINER (Lightning Index Rate) index is a cutting-edge tool that Amboss, a well-known Lightning data provider, has released in a bid to spur business adoption of Bitcoin's Lightning Network.;

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