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A new tool can trace Monero transactions, claims CiperTrace

Anonymity and privacy are the primary benefits of cryptocurrency. Yet crypto transactions are not as anonymous as some may think. This is due to the transparent nature of blockchain technology.

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Cred to enable in-app staking through Klever wallet

Crypto wallet app Klever will allow users to stake cryptos from within the wallet in Cred’s staking programs.

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Bullish trends to stay with support from whale clusters

After STO Bitcoin’s recuperation past $10,700, Bitcoin whale clusters suggest that the values might be following trend reversal in a short-term

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Russia’s Roskomnadzor prohibits web domain of largest crypto firm Binance

Russia Authorities seem to be running after the largest crypto exchange Binance by marking a ban on its website domain in the country. Binance founded by Changpeng Zhao overshadows many Security token

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Binance plans a corrective course to battle magnifying DeFi

Zhao, the CEO of Binance admits the paradoxes inherent in striving to tap into the strong-growing business of DeFi, while trying to protect his firm’s supremacy as the planet’s biggest STO

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Crypto assaults are invalid to expropriate crypto fungibility

The cutting-edge world has gotten too small for relaxation. The fact is that technological progression is a double-faced blade, it has the ability to improve human lives significantly at many stages

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Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI-Tech Utility Token
Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI Tech
Animoca Ventures leads $1M seed funding round for Narwhal Finance

With participation from Hailstone Ventures and various angel investors, Narwhal Finance which is a decentralized cross-market perpetual trading platform built on BNB Chain and Arbitrum has announced;

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