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Binance Card to soon expand to the U.S. as Swipe taps new partnership
All services on Swipe are immediately available on Binance Card.

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An alleged second teen mastermind behind Twitter's 'Bitcoin giveaway' hack
The accused may not be the sole juvenile responsible for the huge Twitter breach on July 15.

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$27M of Sushi funds could disappear at the drop of a chef's hat
Research into Sushi's wallets reveals the admin holds the keys to $27 million worth of tokens.

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Most DeFi tokens crash by 50% in one week.
95% of DeFi assets have posted a seven-day loss due to the recent crypto market crash that has wreaked havoc on DeFi tokens.

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Quantum computers will not instantly reward you with 69,000 Bitcoins.
The present quantum computers may not help unlock lost Bitcoin.

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Remember, remember Bitcoin tanks in September: Kraken report.
Bitcoin will produce a negative performance for September. Then it will return to 'aggressive volatility.'

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First DLC smart contract deployed on the Bitcoin mainnet
Crypto users can now use DLCs on the Bitcoin mainnet.

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Jackpot! A user turns $200 into $250K thanks to a buggy DeFi protocol.
An anonymous user managed to net a $250k from a $200 outlay due to a flaw in a DeFi protocol clone’s rebase code.

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