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Remember, remember Bitcoin tanks in September: Kraken report.
Bitcoin will produce a negative performance for September. Then it will return to 'aggressive volatility.'

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First DLC smart contract deployed on the Bitcoin mainnet
Crypto users can now use DLCs on the Bitcoin mainnet.

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Jackpot! A user turns $200 into $250K thanks to a buggy DeFi protocol.
An anonymous user managed to net a $250k from a $200 outlay due to a flaw in a DeFi protocol clone’s rebase code.

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$500M in BTC tokenized for DeFi is only the start
According to Messari, projects bringing Bitcoin to DeFi will emerge as leaders of the crypto sector.

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Darknet moderator of Alpha Bay sentenced to 11 years in jail.
'Criminals cannot hide behind technology to break the law,' a U.S. attorney stated.

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Bitcoin price hits $12K again.jpg

Bitcoin price hits $12K again — 3 reasons traders are mid-term bullish
Bitcoin price hit $12,000 again, leading traders to turn bullish as BTC attempts to turn the critical level to support.

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Ethereum gas fees reach $500K.jpg

Ethereum gas fees reach $500K as ETH price hits a 2020 high at $486
Miners of Ethereum earned a record $500,000 in fees in a single hour, which raised concerns about network stability.

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Bitcoin launches new toolkit directory for Developer Services.jpg

Bitcoin launches new toolkit directory for Developer Services
Developer Services first dispatched in 2018, has facilitated technical documentation for developers to peruse.

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