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BlockFi Headed to Bankruptcy After FTX Exposure

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition was filed by BlockFi on Nov. 28. The filing relates to the company as well as its eight subsidiaries. Following FTX's collapse, the financial health of the company...

Nov 29, 2022 0 | 0


Kraken cryptocurrency exchange settles a dispute with the US Treasury over serving Iranian clients

On November 28, the American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken reached a settlement with the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury and agreed to pay $362,158.70..

Nov 29, 2022 0 | 0


Elon Musk plans to release a substitute phone

The host of The Liz Wheeler Show, Liz Wheeler, tweeted that Musk should build his own smartphone in the event that Apple and Google "boot" Twitter out of their app stores. Musk, the CEO of SpaceX...

Nov 28, 2022 0 | 0


SKT Telecom launches ifland Metaverse Globally in 49 nations worldwide

On Thursday, SK Telecom announced that its metaverse platform ‘ifland’ launched simultaneously in 49 countries and regions throughout the world. With the debut of ifland on a worldwide scale, SKT...

Nov 26, 2022 0 | 0


NY State Signs Two-Year Crypto Mining Moratorium into Law

The New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, signed a two-year moratorium on granting permits to bitcoin miners who use carbon-based fuel to supply electricity to power their mining operations...

Nov 24, 2022 0 | 0


Bitpanda received license from BAFIN regulator to operate in German

Bitpanda crypto exchange received?license from BaFin regulator to?operate in German, making it the first European investment platform?to?fulfill the regulatory standards...

Nov 24, 2022 0 | 0


JPMorgan Eyes Cryptocurrency Market With New Wallet Trademark

A trademark filed by JP Morgan indicates the company is interested in exploring different products in the cryptocurrency space. In order to offer a cryptocurrency wallet, the institution has...

Nov 23, 2022 0 | 0

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Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI Tech
Italy will impose a 26% capital gains tax on cryptocurrency Income

Italy will impose a 26% capital gains tax on cryptocurrency revenues starting in 2023. Holders of cryptocurrencies would be required by the proposed rule to report their holdings and pay a 14% tax...;

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