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Tornado Cash in Hot Water with the Treasury Department

On Monday, the United States Treasury Department banned Americans from using Tornado Cash, a popular cryptocurrency mixer that the government claims "launders proceeds of cybercrime...

Aug 10, 2022 0 | 0


MetaverseGo completes $4.2 Million seed round to simplify onboarding process

The Galaxy Interactive division of Galaxy Digital led a $4.2 million seed round for MetaverseGo, a mobile gaming venture based in the British Virgin Islands...

Aug 10, 2022 0 | 0

Meta-starts-international-expansion-of-NFT-support-on-Instagram .png

Meta starts international expansion of NFT support on Instagram

As per a blog post updated on August 4, Meta has announced that the digital collectibles feature hosted on Instagram will see a rollout in 100 countries. The blog post follows the social...

Aug 09, 2022 0 | 0


Church goes digital : Archdiocese of Washington starts accepting crypto donations

On Tuesday, Engiven, a cryptocurrency platform, promised to simplify the process of donating money to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. for fundraising.?..

Aug 05, 2022 0 | 0


1inch Network partnership with Wirex wallet now users able to exchange token within wallet

Recently, to support wallet-based token exchange more efficiently, collaboration took place between non-custodial wallet platform Wirex and 1inch Network, which will lead to an integrated 1inch’...

Aug 05, 2022 0 | 0


Crypto token bridge Nomad drained $190M in funds in security exploit

The Nomad token bridge has experienced a security exploit that has allowed hackers to systematically drain roughly $190.7 million of the bridge’s funds over a long series of transactions, with only...

Aug 05, 2022 0 | 0


Californian political campaigns now accept Bitcoin contributions

According to reports on July 21, a new law was passed in California that will allow candidates for state and local offices to accept cryptocurrency donations. The new law will be in effect within 60..

Aug 04, 2022 0 | 0

BitMEX Announces Launch of FX Perpetual Swap Contracts

In the first-ever FX perpetual swap contract for crypto, BitMEX announced the launch of its cryptocurrency trading platform. On this platform, users can trade 22 foreign exchange contracts 24/7, even.;

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