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Remember, remember Bitcoin tanks in September: Kraken report.
Bitcoin will produce a negative performance for September. Then it will return to 'aggressive volatility.'

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Jackpot! A user turns $200 into $250K thanks to a buggy DeFi protocol.
An anonymous user managed to net a $250k from a $200 outlay due to a flaw in a DeFi protocol clone’s rebase code.

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$500M in BTC tokenized for DeFi is only the start
According to Messari, projects bringing Bitcoin to DeFi will emerge as leaders of the crypto sector.

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Bitcoin launches new toolkit directory for Developer Services.jpg

Bitcoin launches new toolkit directory for Developer Services
Developer Services first dispatched in 2018, has facilitated technical documentation for developers to peruse.

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Surveying the scopr of DeFi.jpg

Surveying the scope of DeFi
Investors and speculators have been keeping an eye on the advancements in DeFi with huge interest. The DeFi rise has been a major influence on Ethereum eclipsing over asset crypto bitcoin.

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Market Watch BTC, ETH, LIN.jpg

Market Watch: BTC, ETH, LINK
US fiat, gold, and crypto markets have all rectified in the last week, indicating that traders earned profits across various asset classes.

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Experts Speculate Bitcoin - 2020.jpg

Experts Speculate Bitcoin
Bitcoin has received both praises and scorn from investors around the globe since its inception

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BTC Analysis.jpg

BTC Analysis
The day closed at a price of $10,242 which is a short 1.06 percent ascend in the last 24 hours or an increase of $108

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