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OKEx aims to expand into Australia

OKX, a crypto exchange which is based in Seychelles, has indicated its planning to expand its crypto services to Australia..

Apr 01, 2023 0 | 0


United Kingdom government cancelled launch of NFT with Royal Mint

Shortly after announcing the project, the UK government decided to abandon its plans to create a non-fungible token for sale through the Royal Mint..

Mar 31, 2023 0 | 0


The Digital Euro: Revolutionizing European Payment Systems

how the digital euro is set to transform the way we pay in Europe. Discover the benefits and challenges of this innovative digital currency...

Mar 30, 2023 0 | 0


UAE Central Bank Partners with G42 Cloud and R3 to Implement Digital Dirham Strategy

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Central Bank has announced that it has commenced the implementation of its digital currency strategy. This initiative will be carried out in partnership..

Mar 30, 2023 0 | 0


Bank for International Settlements Launches Project Nexus to Revolutionize Cross-border Payments

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub is driving a multi-party project called ‘Project Nexus,’ aimed at supporting the G20’s goals of improving cross-border..

Mar 29, 2023 0 | 0


Nasdaq to Launch Crypto Custody Services by End of Q2

According to a story that was published on Friday by Bloomberg, Nasdaq (NDAQ) is planning to launch its cryptocurrency custody services by the end of the second quarter..

Mar 28, 2023 0 | 0


Tokenized Deposits Regulations South Africa - Implementation in January 2025

The South African central bank is planning to enact regulations governing tokenized deposits and crypto assets on Jan. 1, 2025..

Mar 28, 2023 0 | 0

Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI-Tech Utility Token
Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI Tech
OKEx aims to expand into Australia

OKX, a crypto exchange which is based in Seychelles, has indicated its planning to expand its crypto services to Australia..;

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