Vermont is now the Fourth State to take action against BlockFi

Vermont has now joined other states to be a part of action against BlockFi. It is the fourth state now that has made such order with regards to BlockFi legality of the interest-bearing accounts..

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Crypto users doubled by 200 million in the past four months

The sudden spike in the prices of Bitcoin has thrilled the crypto market globally. The crypto population doubled from 100 million to 200 million within four months. The news...

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State Street second oldest Bank of America will provide cryptocurrency service to private customers

State Street Corporation join hands with Lukka Inc to provide cryptocurrency services for private fund clients. An initiative was taken by two organizations on 29th July for the...

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JPMorgan has become the First Big Bank to Give Its Clients access to bitcoin

JPMorgan is the leading US bank to give retail admittance to its customers in bitcoin openness. In contrast with different banks, access is open for everybody no just ultrawealthy customers...

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DraftKings to launch NFT marketplace

DraftKings is racing into the NFT game, declaring a commercial center pointed toward curating sports and diversion-themed computerized collectibles for its crowd of enthusiasts. DraftKings stated...

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NFT-Marketplace-Jambb is-creating-Worlds-First-Live-NFT-Comedy-Special.jpg

NFT Marketplace Jambb is creating World’s First Live NFT Comedy Special

As a part of New NFT project, Jambb is now planning to create to launch the Non-Fungible Jokin’ which shall be the World’s First Live NFT Comedy Special.

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Report - Bank of America is allowing some of its clients to trade bitcoin futures

Bank of America which is the U.S. second-largest bank is now letting some of its valuable clients let trading be done in the bitcoin future. Just the way most of the institutions have been doing...

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Goldentree with $45 billion in assets is buying bitcoin

As per the Friday news report from TheStreet, New York-based Asset Management firm GoldenTree with financial assets worth around $45 billion is making investments in bitcoins...;

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