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What are the features of crypto transactions?

Like the NYSE or the CME, the absence of any centralized exchange means there are not any exchange fees with bitcoin. Whereas equity and futures markets take small pieces...

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Binance coin market cap shoots to $100 billion and now its bigger than Airbus and Zoom

According to?finance Magnates, the news speaks that Binance Coin (BNB) added more than 20% in its value during the last 7 days the last update as in May’21. The world’s 3rd biggest cryptocurrency...

May 07, 2021 0 | 0


Oscars to pay last respect to action Chadwich Boseman through NFT

According to www.cnet.com, the content speaks about the Oscar nominee was exalted as a non-fungible token. But not everyone adored the idea of the late actor screening up as...

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Making A Living From Anywhere In The World cryptocurrency Trading

Make money trading currencies online. Currencies are the main actors, heavily traded financial instruments within the world. The liquidity of the cryptocurrency market directly...

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On this Island in Caribbean you will be able to buy everything in bitcoin

According to?www.euronews.com, the article says that just over 18 square kilometres in size, the heaven island of Bequia (marked ‘Bekway’) is off-grid when it originates to most...

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The Potential and Future of Blockchain-based Search Engines

There are around 3.5 million queries asked over Google's search algorithm. It's become a brand, and now it's control over 90% of the search market. Google's monopoly of...

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State of Louisiana: Thank You Satoshi Nakamoto for your contribution to "economic security"

According legis.la.gov, the report states that the state of Louisiana has admired Bitcoin for its achievement through the years. It is outlining how BTC has developed an...

May 03, 2021 0 | 0

Nigerian crypto exchange 'Quidax' Processes Over $3.2 Billion in Transactions

Cryptocurrency exchange, Quidax on 10th May’2021 have formally shared plans to increase beyond Africa to the worldwide market. They also publicized the launch of their intrinsic token, QDX...;

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