JPMorgan has become the First Big Bank to Give Its Clients access to bitcoin

JPMorgan is the leading US bank to give retail admittance to its customers in bitcoin openness. In contrast with different banks, access is open for everybody no just ultrawealthy customers...

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DraftKings to launch NFT marketplace

DraftKings is racing into the NFT game, declaring a commercial center pointed toward curating sports and diversion-themed computerized collectibles for its crowd of enthusiasts. DraftKings stated...

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NFT-Marketplace-Jambb is-creating-Worlds-First-Live-NFT-Comedy-Special.jpg

NFT Marketplace Jambb is creating World’s First Live NFT Comedy Special

As a part of New NFT project, Jambb is now planning to create to launch the Non-Fungible Jokin’ which shall be the World’s First Live NFT Comedy Special.

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Report - Bank of America is allowing some of its clients to trade bitcoin futures

Bank of America which is the U.S. second-largest bank is now letting some of its valuable clients let trading be done in the bitcoin future. Just the way most of the institutions have been doing...

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Jack Dorsey's Square is creating a new business focused on bitcoin

Jack Dorsey's Square soon shall be making a business that will entirely focus on Bitcoin. Dorsey has already outlined plans to create a platform of an open developer that shall be focusing on Bitcoin

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India's largest Bank ICICI has blocked crypto remittance

ICICI bank has now requested the customers on not using the liberalised remittance scheme that Reserve Bank of India offers for any investment associated to crypto. The bank...

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Australian largest broker Selfwealth to add crypto buying & trading to its platform

SelfWealth a known ASX-listed share-trading platform will add cryptocurrencies and trading to its platform. This nine-year-old company is known to be one of the largest non-banks

Jul 13, 2021 0 | 0

Global X which has $30 billion in managed assets, Files for Bitcoin ETF

New York-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) supplier, Global X, has joined the steadily developing rundown of bitcoin ETF possibilities with another recording with the U.S. Securities...;

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