NSDL along with SEBI introduced DLT for security and covenant monitoring

On Saturday, National Securities Depository (NSDL), officially introduced a blockchain-based Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform for security and covenant monitoring. The launch was done..

May 11, 2022 0 | 0


Binance France becomes the first major cryptocurrency exchange to be licensed as a DASP by AMF

The French securities exchange watchdog AMF included Binance France SAS in its list of registered digital asset service providers (DASP) in France. French financial controller ACPR endorsed the...

May 10, 2022 0 | 0


Twitter decentralized open-source social media project Bluesky releases ADX for decentralized social network protocol

On Wednesday Twitter’s decentralized open-source social media project Bluesky released its first batch of code for a decentralized social network protocol...

May 10, 2022 0 | 0


SEC Fines Nvidia $5.5M for Not Disclosing Crypto Mining Impact on Gaming Business

On May 6, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission declared in a press release that Nvidia has consented to pay $5.5 million in fines to the agency to settle charges that it neglected...

May 09, 2022 0 | 0


Krause House investing in Ice Cube's basketball league using Ethereum NFTs

A DAO governed by a group of basketball lovers, Krause House, has agreed to purchase 25 Fire-Tier editions of a BIG3 team, which provides ownership-like value and utility in the team

May 06, 2022 0 | 0


Securities and exchange commission announced to rename and expands crypto enforcement unit

On May 3, The Securities and Exchange Commission announced in a press release that it is allocating 20 additional positions to the enforcement unit responsible for protecting investors in crypto..

May 05, 2022 0 | 0


Two banks in Argentina confirmed of adding crypto trading features on their platforms

In Argentina, two banks introduced Digital assets trading features on its platform. Today one of the largest Argentinian private banks by market value, Buenos Aires-based Banco Galicia confirmed...

May 04, 2022 0 | 0

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