Stone Ridge Asset Management to add bitcoin to its open-end mutual fund

Stone Ridge Asset Management has documented a new plan with US Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, to include Bitcoin (BTC) in its open-end mutual fund. On June 22...

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Circle K to install bitcoin ATMs across all its stores

Circle K general stores shall now be facilitating different crypto ATM. Bitcoin Depot announced that more than 700 of its Bitcoin ATMs had adequately been presented at Circle K corner shops...

Jul 24, 2021 0 | 0


Elon Musk says Tesla will re-accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment

A virtual conference took place at “The B-word” platform. At the conference, Elon Musk made an appearance. Musk said Tesla will re-accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment...

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Turkey plans to present a new strict crypto regulation bill in October

There is an officially declaration by Deputy Minister of Treasury and Finance of Turkey Sakir Ercan Gül, that in the beginning of next legislature year, October 2021, a crypto bill will be...

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Football club Arsenal will launch AFC fan token on socios App

On Monday, there was an official announcement about the partnership between Chiliz, the global blockchain provider in the sports and entertainment industry and European football team...

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South China Morning Post, Oldest News Publication in Asia to turn its news archives into NFTs 

One of the Oldest News Publication South China Morning Post will now have ‘ARTIFACT’ as news archives into NFTs. The announcement was made while advocating the standard meta structure.

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Visa to approve debit card that will allow Australians to spend their bitcoins in everyday stores

Australia-based spending app CryptoSpend has convinced American multinational financial service corporation Visa for the issuance of aphysical prepaid debit card that will enable the CryptoSpend...

Jul 20, 2021 0 | 0

Goldentree with $45 billion in assets is buying bitcoin

As per the Friday news report from TheStreet, New York-based Asset Management firm GoldenTree with financial assets worth around $45 billion is making investments in bitcoins...;

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