Bitcoin Symbols $40,000 Spot, Expanding in Less Than a Month

First, it went over $20,000 (approximately Rs. 14.6 lakhs). Then 10 days later, it broke over $25,000 (roughly Rs. 18.2 lakhs), and then, with hardly taking a breath, it went across...

Jan 16, 2021 0 | 0


UNICAS-Crypto Bank Begin in India

Cashaa, through a joint project with United Multistate co-op society, has established the world’s first crypto bank that allows users to transact in cryptocurrency and fiat from one...

Jan 14, 2021 0 | 0


Cryptos And Blockchain Really Explode With Giant Industry Players

Every day there's more news about what can, may, and will happen within the world of CryptoCurrencies (CC's) and Blockchain. There has been significant investment, research, and much...

Jan 13, 2021 1 | 0


Women ruling the Bitcoin Cause: Stand up for Blockchain Teaching in Africa

It is not undisclosed that women are underrepresented in the financial and technology industries. In the U.S, women only hold a sector of computing-related jobs. Some segments...

Jan 12, 2021 1 | 0


Ramping Up Blockchain Division At Facebook 

Tech giants are exploring blockchain, and Facebook won't be left behind. Powering up the blockchain division: Last May, Facebook Messenger head David Marcus...

Jan 12, 2021 2 | 0


South Korea Based Firm Raised a Fund of $120 Million for Crypto Deals

The South Korea based blockchain firm, Hashed has raised $120 million in order to focus on today’s span of distributed networks. Hashed Ventures Inc., the new entity of the firm...

Jan 11, 2021 1 | 0


Crypto launches a new rule to give template for India

The new regulation can provide a template for cryptocurrency standards in India. The regulatory landscape has mostly been vacant after the Supreme Court subdue a Reserve...

Jan 10, 2021 0 | 0

Chief Of Digital Money Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the chief of digital money on the planet. It's shared money, and exchange framework upheld a decentralized agreement based public record called blockchain that records all...;

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