French Legislators Suggest Prohibition of Cryptocurrency Influencer Marketing

French lawmakers have proposed a ban on the promotion of certain financial products and services, including crypto assets to protect consumers from potential risks..

Mar 25, 2023 0 | 0


Treasury Secretary Yellen Announces Smaller Banks' Deposits Will Be Protected by Government

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has said that the federal government is prepared to guarantee all deposits of smaller banks if necessary to prevent contagion..

Mar 24, 2023 0 | 0


Magic Eden Takes the Crypto World by Storm with the Launch of Bitcoin Ordinal Inscription Market

The NFT market now supports Bitcoin Ordinal inscription, according to a recent blog post by Magic Eden. The Solana-based NFT market expanded to include Polygon..

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MetaMask Makes Buying Cryptocurrencies Easier for Nigerians with Direct Purchase Feature

Market-Leading Web3 company, ConsenSys, announced on March 21 that MetaMask, the world's leading self-custody wallet, has partnered with MoonPay..

Mar 23, 2023 0 | 0


Zodia Custody Securing VASP registration with Luxembourg authorities

Zodia Custody which is a crypto custodian owned by Standard Chartered announced recently that its Irish subsidiary had been approved as a virtual asset service provider (VASP)..

Mar 22, 2023 0 | 0


Beacon Chain Withdrawals to be implemented for Ethereum's upgrade on April 12th

The Beacon chain contract now has 17,680,535 ether, which is valued at $29.33 billion using the current Ethereum exchange rates. With the help of Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 4895..

Mar 22, 2023 0 | 0


Utah DAO Act Passes: DAOs Now Legally Recognized in the US

legal recognition and limited liability to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) known as the “Utah Decentralized Autonomous Organizations” Act or the “Utah DAO Act...

Mar 21, 2023 0 | 0

Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI-Tech Utility Token
Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI Tech
Fujitsu applied to register with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Fujitsu, a Japanese technology leader, which is also one of the major IT service providers in the world has applied to register a trademark with the United States Patent..;

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