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Brain Armstrong : Trump Administration may rapidly troublesome Cryptocurrency Wallet Rules

The Coinbase CEO, Brain Armstrong blast the rumored plans of the U.S. Treasury Department on Wednesday night. It was rumoured that the department is going to...

Dec 04, 2020 0 | 0


Popular Youtuber Andrei Jikh Invests around $100K into Cryptocurrencies

Andrei Jikh, a popular YouTuber, posted a video this week explaining to his 978K subscribers that he invested over $100,000 into crypto assets. Jikh is planning to...

Dec 03, 2020 0 | 0


Pizza Hut Restaurants of Venezuela now Accepts Payments in Cryptocurrencies

In Venezuela, all Pizza Hut restaurants have started accepting cryptocurrency payments. Several major stores like Traki, Burger King, Intercontinental Hotel...

Dec 03, 2020 0 | 0


Price retaking $18k and Rich list growing as WHALES HODL.

Currently, bitcoin is having wavy nature and it's been rising continuously in the market. Bitcoin rose high in the past week and surpassed the $18k mark...

Nov 27, 2020 0 | 0


Security concerns put out as PayPal carry Cryptocurrency to the group

PayPal has declared that its US customers will soon be capable of paying keenly using cryptocurrency, as the payment platform moves towards a broad range of services...

Nov 26, 2020 0 | 0


Airbnb registered prospectus to the U.S. SEC that says, firm may consider Crypto and Blockchain

Airbnb, the accommodation bookings giant has made an astonishing reference in a prospectus regarding its proposed initial public offering (IPO) of crypto and blockchain...

Nov 25, 2020 0 | 0


Bitcoin soon shall be consolidating before December rise for $20K

As soon as the recent rapid rally was done, the market of Bitcoin is more likely to have a breather before starting with the increase towards the end of its year. The cryptocurrency has...

Nov 24, 2020 0 | 0

Crypto Custodian Copper Plans to Bridge Gap Between Traditional Finance and DeFi

Crypto Custodian Copper is planning to associate institutions to the developing world of decentralized finance (DeFi) with a recently discovered product. On Friday, it was announced that the...;

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