Chairman of Federal Reserve had a meeting with Coinbase CEO in may

The Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell had a meeting with cryptocurrency exchange operator Coinbase Global Inc chief executive. The meeting surely has been quite with...

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World's biggest crypto exchange is being investigated in Cayman Island and Thailand

One of the biggest crypto exchange of the globe is now being investigated in Cayman Island and Thailand. The announcement was made by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority...

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Report: - George Soros private investment company is trading bitcoin

Now the private investment company of George Soros shall be trading bitcoin and at other cryptocurrencies. From Soros Fund Management, Fitzpatrick, chief investment officer...

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SoftBank invests $200 million in Brazil first crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin

SoftBank is now making an investment of $200 million in Brazil first ever crypto exchange Mercado Bitcoin in a Series B round. SoftBank Latin America Fund2TM Group made the...

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Pop singer and songwriter Katy Perry is launching NFT with Theta labs

The songwriter and pop singer Katy Perry will soon be launching NFT with Theta labs. NFTs is a non-fungible token that this celebrity shall launch for the fans. So far, she has...

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NYDIG and NCR deal will allow 650 US banks to offer bitcoin purchases to people

NCR and NYDIG will now be having a deal of 650 US banks to provide the bitcoin purchases to people. This certainly will create quite a buzz for some time because of its use that can...

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World's biggest interdealer broker is partnering with Fidelity and Standard Chartered to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform

The interdealer broker that is known to be World's biggest is now entering into a partnership with Standard Chartered and Fidelity to launch the platform for cryptocurrency trading. With this,

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Goldentree with $45 billion in assets is buying bitcoin

As per the Friday news report from TheStreet, New York-based Asset Management firm GoldenTree with financial assets worth around $45 billion is making investments in bitcoins...;

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