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Most DeFi tokens crash by 50% in one week.
95% of DeFi assets have posted a seven-day loss due to the recent crypto market crash that has wreaked havoc on DeFi tokens.

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Darknet moderator of Alpha Bay sentenced to 11 years in jail.
'Criminals cannot hide behind technology to break the law,' a U.S. attorney stated.

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Bitcoin launches new toolkit directory for Developer Services.jpg

Bitcoin launches new toolkit directory for Developer Services
Developer Services first dispatched in 2018, has facilitated technical documentation for developers to peruse.

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Market Watch BTC, ETH, LIN.jpg

Market Watch: BTC, ETH, LINK
US fiat, gold, and crypto markets have all rectified in the last week, indicating that traders earned profits across various asset classes.

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Coincheck discloses plans for NFT Marketplace and IEO.jpg

Coin check discloses plans for NFT Marketplace and IEO
Japanese crypto ICO platform Coincheck has restated its plan for initial exchange offering (IEO) and non-fungible

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Bitcoin shows yo-yo syndrome at $10K.jpg

Bitcoin shows yo-yo syndrome at $10K
he value of STO cryptocurrency Bitcoin plunged below $10,000 across major trading platforms again on 5th September.

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Senate Banking Committee Shows Continued Interest in Crypto-assets
As the US manifesting towards cryptocurrencies, to add on the senate committee on Banking, Housing and urban affairs recently drafted a letter..

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BCH Community Members have finally given a Bid to the Bitcoin ABC Devs Farewell
A new feature called the Feature Freeze was announced by the Bitcoin ABC development team.

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