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Crypto wallets seized and US authorities missed millions of dollars :

Law enforcement agencies after seizing the crypto wallets from criminals have left with some substantial amount of funds. There is a big risk to the company due to this...

Dec 04, 2020 0 | 0


Crypto Assets worth over $ 4.2 Billion seized by Chinese Police

Crypto assets worth over $ 4.2 billion at today’s price have been seized by the Chinese police during the enormous crackdown of the PlusToken Ponzi Scheme. On November 19, court filings were made...

Dec 03, 2020 0 | 0


Coinbase plans to support Ethereum 2.0 staking

Coinbase, a U.S. digital currency exchange has made plans for encouraging Ethereum 2.0 staking by giving rewards which would possibly set the stage for even broad acquisition...

Dec 03, 2020 0 | 0


Visa sees cryptocurrency going parallel inflated with bitcoin:

The burden and inability of the society to pay obligation made it cashless while spending money on health due to the Corona pandemic. The visa company sees...

Nov 27, 2020 0 | 0


Cryptocurrency Eth 2.0 Deposit Contract stakes crosses 100,000 ETH

The staking for Ethereum 2.0's launch is gradually progressing as the assets almost evaluated $500 resistance today. ETH, a native cryptocurrency of the network is being pumped in a way as...

Nov 25, 2020 0 | 0


Brian Brooks gave key insights on the importance of Cryptocurrency in life of Americans to U.S. Congress

Brain Brooks, the top regulator of the U.S. recently gave key insights on the importance of cryptocurrency in the life of the American people and its future in relation to...

Nov 24, 2020 0 | 0


US perceive worth $1billion, the big cryptocurrency haul in history

The United States Justice Department lately appropriated thousands of bitcoins, up to over $1 billion, marking the largest draw related to the crypto-currency. The administrative division wants...

Nov 23, 2020 0 | 0

Crypto Custodian Copper Plans to Bridge Gap Between Traditional Finance and DeFi

Crypto Custodian Copper is planning to associate institutions to the developing world of decentralized finance (DeFi) with a recently discovered product. On Friday, it was announced that the...;

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