FSMA imposed rules on legal entities operating where needs to register with the authority

Belgium’s financial regulatory Authorities Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) imposed new rule where any legal entities established and operating in Belgium that want to provide exchange

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How Blockchain Technology use for Handling worst climate action

Over the last few years, blockchain has been gaining popularity across a variety of industries. Basically, blockchain is a digital, decentralized database that record information in a way that makes i

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Mining devices manufacturer MicroBT announced about launch of Whatsminer M50 series

During Bitcoin 22 conference held in Miami, the mining devices manufacturer Microbt announced the launch of their Whatsminer M50 series which are two new powerful bitcoin BTC mining rigs...

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Bitcoin entrepreneur Samson Mow started a new company JAN3

Bitcoin entrepreneur Samson Mow who is a former chief strategy officer of Blockstream and founder of Pixelmatic recently said, he has started a new company called JAN3 which will focus on promoting...

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Most common mistake that crypto investors should not do – You Need to Know

Let's discuss some of the common mistakes that can be avoided by investors and traders while investing in the crypto market...

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India Introduced 30% Crypto Tax Policy - Things You Need to Know

India is one of the biggest economies in the world and has been making moves to embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The country has announced plans to implement a crypto tax for FY 22

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Asian central bank support for digital yuan pilots

The People's Bank of China along with the four state divisions affirmed their help for bidding locales in the southeastern region Zhejiang to complete the widespread domestic utilization of the e-CNY.

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Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI-Tech Utility Token
Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI Tech
Crypto Exchange Bybit Announces $100M Fund to support institutional clients

On November 24, the world’s third most visited crypto exchange Bybit announced it has established a $100 million fund to support institutional clients, during this challenging period in the crypto...;

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