Fidelity Advises Countries, Central Banks To Buy Bitcoin

Fidelity which is one of the largest financial services companies in the world, last week advised in a note that other countries including the central banks should take advantage of low cryptocurrency

Jan 17, 2022 0 | 0


Crypto startup Helium partnering with Dish to build a wireless network

Helium is working with internet giant Dish to build a wireless network powered by users. According to Dish Network, it intends to use the 5G network being built by startup Helium, decentralized...

Oct 29, 2021 0 | 0


Recommendations outlined by Australian Lawmakers supporting Crypto Regulations

The Australian Senate committee proposed a comprehensive plan to lead the way globally with regulations aimed at encouraging the cryptocurrency industry...

Oct 22, 2021 0 | 0


International Monetary Fund’s Financial Stability Report released

The IMF said, “So far, losses as a result of such risks have not had a significant impact on financial stability, globally or domestically. However, as crypto assets grow, the macro-criticality...

Oct 14, 2021 0 | 0


Doodle templates created by entrepreneur Gary Vee Sold for $1.26 Million

On October 1, 2021, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly known as Gary Vee, had his hand-drawn doodles auctioned off at Christie’s for a total of USD 1.2 million..

Oct 05, 2021 0 | 0


Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith was charged guilty for violating federal law

Virgil Griffith was charged with plotting to break a federal law preventing citizens of the US from selling technology to the communist regime by traveling to North Korea to give..

Sep 30, 2021 0 | 0


BitConnect, a crypto lending platform, has been sued for over $2 Billion Token Sale by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

A crypto lending platform BitConnect is sued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for over $2 Billion Token Sale almost three years after its shut down...

Sep 29, 2021 0 | 0

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