Bitcoin Tops Crypto Awareness in the United Kingdom, Study Shows

Bitcoin takes the lion’s share in terms of crypto awareness on British soil, according to a study by crypto betting firm BitcoinCasinos.

Feb 23, 2023 0 | 0


Metaverse Market in Tourism and Travel Expected to Hit $188.24 Billion by 2026 Based on Heightened Internet Penetration

The metaverse market in the travel and tourism industry is expected to experience enhanced growth based on factors like propelled internet penetration and 5G implementation.

Feb 21, 2023 0 | 0


ShareRing Seeks to Enhance Zero Trust in Web3 Through Own Vault Query Language

ShareRing's Vault Query Language (VQL) seeks to propel zero-trust and efficiency in Web3.

Feb 13, 2023 0 | 0


Decentralised exchange Uniswap will launch community vote on Boba Network

Following a positive community vote, version 3 (v3) of the decentralised exchange Uniswap will shortly be launched on Boba Network. A different blockchain called Boba Network operates on top...

Feb 10, 2023 0 | 0


Aptos Labs Provides a $50,000 Grant for Blockchain Research in Higher Education

According to a press release, Lorenzo Alvisi, a professor of computer science at Cornell University who specialises in blockchain and Web3 technology, has received a $50,000 grant...

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Bitcoin Dominates Crypto Fund Inflows with $69M Weekly Influx

Bitcoin has continued to dominate inflows into crypto funds, accounting for about $69 million weekly.

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Sberbank to Launch Decentralized Finance Platform Based on Ethereum

The Moscow-based state-owned financial services corporation Sberbank intends to introduce a decentralised finance (defi) application, according to a report by the news source Interfax that waS...

Feb 06, 2023 0 | 0

Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI-Tech Utility Token
Data Centre Construction - World First artificial intelligence AI Tech
Fujitsu applied to register with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Fujitsu, a Japanese technology leader, which is also one of the major IT service providers in the world has applied to register a trademark with the United States Patent..;

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