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Features That Make JDK 15 Popular For Web Application Development

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Feb, 11 2021

Feb, 11 2021

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Java Development Kit 15 goes to be released in September 2020, and a few of the features are leaked. The simplest thing is that Oracle follows a six-month release schedule, with new versions released twice a year. The Java Development Company implements the newest release for engaging & secure web application development.  


Features in JDK 15 for developers 


Foreign-Memory Access 


Having foreign-memory access API allows Java programs to safely and efficiently access foreign memory outside of the heap. The API can operate different foreign memory sorts, a native, persistent, and managed heap. The API helps avoid the value and unpredictability associated with garbage pickup, share memory across processes, and serialize memory content. With the new JDK 15, JVM's security will be enhanced with no API issue. This capability was missing in JDK 14 and can be introduced within the next release. 


Sealed Classes 


In addition to the interfaces, sealed classes confine which isn't present with other classes or interfaces. The most objective of this feature comprises allowing the developer to regulate the code liable for implementing it. It provides a more declarative approach than access modifiers to prevent the usage of a super-class. It's a crucial parameter of Java support during the pattern matching by underpinning the thorough analysis of patterns. 




Records are classes that act as carriers for immutable data. It had been released as a preview in JDK 14. Its main objective includes devising an object-oriented development that expresses a smooth aggregation of values. It helps programmers specialize in modeling immutable data instead of extensible behavior, automatically applying data-driven methods like equals and assessors, and preserving longstanding Java principles, including nominal typing and migration compatibility. 


With JDK 15, remarkable features are introduced for web application development. If you're looking to create an enticing web application, it's the right time to rent a Java developer from a reputed development agency. They will integrate the newest features to urge the specified business leads in the simplest possible manner. 

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12 Feb 2021

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