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25 Aug 2020

The US based Fintech has unified in diversity and brought forth a crowdfunding fortuity as Crypto Asset Rating (CAR), an independent structured rating agency.

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The US-based Fintech has unified in diversity and brought forth a crowdfunding fortuity as Crypto Asset Rating (CAR), an independent structured rating agency, which is setting one sight on creating transparency among traders in the crypto world. 

CAR’s nativity was to simplify the introduction of investors in crypto trading and to unzip the unspoken challenges encountered by venture capitalists. It commenced by addressing challenges in the crypto business.

The fore-runner among the challenges are: lack of unallied structured rating agency for crypto-assets and as a pilot run to resolve this problem, CARP (Crypto Asset Rating platform) was designed, it’s an autonomous rating agency targets to create pellucidity among the crypto investors. Post the analytical research the CARP triumphed over the four major risk; Business risk, Technology Risk, Legal Risk, and financial risk.

To continue, the second confront is: No liquidity for illiquid Asset Market, to fix this TAP (Tokenization asset platform) was introduced. As Tokenization is an eye grasping topic, which transforms asset digitally without compromising its value, this idea of TAP was derived for the latter and is the software which enacts as a virtual platform to create compliant digital securities and dispenses the opportunity to tokenize the assets by smart contracts. To add on, TAP limitlessly offer services from securities Recovery Process to counsel approvals. TAP is foreseen as the most developed venture in coming decade and could set revolutionary phase by transforming face of capital market(to learn

The third check in the list is: No trustworthy community in the crypto market and this was unveiled by the inaugurating CBW (Crypto Business World) which uses custom-developed profile ranking algorithm platform to develop quality crypto community (to learn

And the ultimate challenge to combat in the crypto world is: Lack of knowledge and the urge for right information and training has pushed to bring into existence the CTP (crypto training platform) which candidly provides online courses (MOOC: Massive open online courses).

Keeping the prospects of the crypto world in the upcoming year's CAR have isolated planning to develop other fintech product and services like Crypto Index, Exchange rating, Sovereign rating, ETF rating: that procures revenue potential. 

The platform designed foreseeing the revenue world, assisting and innovatively building the firm steps to the Crypto world. To know more visit



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