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Crypto Asset Rating Inc. Becomes Member of Structured Finance Association (SFA)

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Feb, 06 2020

Feb, 06 2020

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Structured Finance Association

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. proudly announces its affiliation with the very prestigious trade and industrial organization Structured Finance Association (SFA) of the United States.  

Crypto Asset Rating Inc. (CAR) is emerging as an industry thought leader in the FinTech arena and tokenization of assets, along with its impressive structured Rating methodology for crypto assets. After its inception, within a couple of years, the firm has been taking massive steps with several other FinTech projects under the pipeline. 

The competent leadership of Crypto Asset Rating Inc. is keen on exploring various avenues availing the benefits of the highly regarded membership with SFA. The SFA membership will complement the growth and fast reach of the CAR across the financial ecosystem. As an honorable member of the association, it is anticipating to mark its footprints in the blockchain-based FinTech products domain.

Structured Finance Association (SFA) is a high-profile cluster of accredited organizations from finance, technology, and regulated institutional investors.

With 360+ top financial member institutions associated with the organization, SFA offers its accredited members’ channels for credit availability to boost the real economy.

The member institutions include diversified financial intermediaries, issuers, stakeholders, rating agencies, servicers, law firms, IT vendors, finance industry-leading players, broker-dealers, and securitization organizations, among several others.

Pramod Attarde, CEO of Crypto Asset Rating Inc., was delighted to share the news. He quoted that as the blockchain industry is at a nascent phase, it needs more access to the resources to enhance the capabilities and to expand the realm. Crypto Asset Rating Inc. (CAR) is maneuvering a trusted platform by developing a structured rating algorithm to identify the risks associated with the crypto assets and is trying to bring more conviction to the digital asset industry.

He is optimistic that the new esteemed relationship with SFA will open more gateways towards building a more robust ecosystem with mutual cooperation of the vast network of institutional members.

While elaborating more about business unions and forthcoming projects of the organizations, Pramod Attarde informed about the upcoming SFVegas 2020 business event organized by SFA. His company team will be participating in the event to deliver its business perceptions with the business fraternity.

The annual Las Vegas event - SFVegas 2020 - will be held from Feb. 23-26, 2020, in Nevada. This conference is the conglomeration of business leaders and decision-makers from divergent groups of the FinTech industry. Last year, it witnessed participation of 8,000-plus delegates.

Pramod Attarde, CEO of Crypto Asset Rating, will be a speaker at the largest capital market conference at SFVegas 2020.


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