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Non-Custodial fund management platform Adayield sets new method in DeFi lending market

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Oct, 23 2021

Oct, 23 2021

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The Adayield platform is a non-custodial fund management platform that allows users to create decentralized CDPs. so they can borrow and lend without selling their holdings.


The assets deposited can be used as collateral and for borrowing stable coins (USDC, DAI, USDT, TUSD, BUSD) based on the $AYID. 


Adayield functions much like a bank. Until the loan is paid in full or liquidated, the collateral stays intact. This protocol will not pay any interest to user collateral.


Adayield is built on the Cardano network and the open-source, non-custodial Defi protocol, like other currency market protocols. On Adayield, lenders will be paid a larger share of interest than on other DeFi platforms.


At full operation, Adayield will offer borrowers a better rate than competitors, with a new method of determining interest rates based on the borrowing rate of each market. This mechanism allows the borrower to repay the system at a stable rate.

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Adayield Protocol Use Cases:

To ensure that lenders and borrowers are satisfied with their goals, the Adayield team offers a practical and user-friendly solution.

Protocol Governance: Using a DAO structure, the $AYID token may be used to govern many components of the Adayield platform, as the futures protocol, exchange parameters, and protocol upgrades. By voting on the proposals submitted, governance determines whether to burn, mine liquidity, or use another method.

Burning: $AYID will accrue value through the buy-back-and-burn portion of Adayield income.

Liquidity mining: Governance is able to plan for distributing a specified number of tokens daily based on each participant's liquidity.

Permission-less: Governance ensures the safest oracles are used, and only the best offers are available.

Staking: Staking is especially important for the stakeholders who want to secure the maximum protection of their cash while also promoting the network and receiving incentives for it. This approach removes the tokens from circulation and causes the $AYID to accrue value. 

Ecosystem foundation layer: Build an ecosystem of financial products by attracting assets and building incentives.

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