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NFT Marketplace Jambb is creating World’s First Live NFT Comedy Special

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Jul, 22 2021

Jul, 22 2021

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Source - nonfungiblejok.in Media Kit

As a part of New NFT project, Jambb is now planning to create to launch the Non-Fungible Jokin’ which shall be the World’s First Live NFT Comedy Special. On this comedy show, every event part shall be minted as NFT with auction for the fans to buy and sell. The first show is scheduled on July 30th at the Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles with, star studded comedian like Moses Storm who is the host with   Adam Ray, Ian Edwards, and Brooks Wheelan, followed by a conversation between comedians Maria Bamford, and Beth Stelling and the second show is scheduled on July 30th with comedians like Beth Stelling, Chaunte Wayans, Pete Holmes, & Zainab Johnson. 

About the New Project: 

There has been quite a news already on the new NFT project which has been currently celebrating its launch with the Live NFT Comedy Special. NFT project has already been providing the world with fandom, collectibles and connections over the past few years.  

Currently, the project is about fan and content engagement. For his, they have made the right platform where artists and creative be it small or big can now be engaged in such new space. 

The unique thing about jambb is that it allows fans to collect and trade content from performances, backstage footage, and merchandise, and from comedians with jambb fans will own distribution and royalty rights of the content and in return, these will also benefit the comedians people will have the option to rent out the content through jambb's galaries and share the content with the world as buyer would have a legal license to ip.comedians and production team behind the scenes will be able to earn from the financial success of the show.

Alex DiNunzio, CEO and co-founder of jambb added that “Comedians have a difficult time monetizing their jokes and performances. The fact that they will now have a chance to sell their content and create new revenue streams signifies an exciting inflection point in the entertainment industry.” 

About Non-Fungible Jokin’ 

At one of intimate LA comedy venue, Dynasty Typewriter The live taping of Non-Fungible Jokin’ will take place. The venue seems to have been already a staple in LA comedy which is called by The New York Times as “LA’s comedy clubhouse”.

In the first show, the star-studded line-up like Adam Ray, Ian Edwards, and Brooks Wheelan, with Moses Storm as host will be seen. There will also be a 1-on-1 conversation with well-respected comedians Maria Bamford and Beth Stelling.

Even if there have been stagnant moves of Bitcoin over some time now but the DappRadar team reported that NFT marketplaces shall still see the new users.

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