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US Space force has launched their own NFT for sale

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Jun, 18 2021

Jun, 18 2021

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The NFT, a limited-edition meta-poster named “Star Atlas Legends: Armstrong Forever”. It will remember the June 17th launch of the USSF satellite bearing Neil Armstrong's title in honor of the famed astronaut’s dedication to space exploration. 

Launching agenda- 

On 17th June’21, the United States Space Force (USSF) organized to launch the fifth vehicle of its GPS III fleet of satellites. But a contract with CMG Worldwide, GPS III Space Vehicle (SV) 05 has been termed “ARMSTRONG” by the USSF GPS III team, in honor of the American astronaut Neil Armstrong. 


Naming SV05 next- one of the most iconic astronauts remains the GPS III program team’s tradition of satellite naming in honour of prominent pioneers in history. It also channels their spirits of adventure and teamwork to accomplish great things. 


As the Armstrong satellite delivers crucial national security skills from orbit, the NFT collection further spreads its legacy by leveraging the permanency of blockchain technology. The NFT collection reveals the USSF’s and the Armstrong Estate’s desire to motivate and educate current. The future generations about the position of developing and advancing space skills required to protect the U.S. and its allies from space-related threats. 


Star Atlas is innovative in all-encompassing sensory NFT experiences, hiding the lines between real and virtual. The Star Atlas will be open as a miracle for all space enthusiasts for the Star Atlas group named “Re-Birth: Genesis of a Metaverse.” 


Major pointers to know about- 

  • * This activity has benefited the U.S. military and its veterans.


  • * But it is not officially connected to or sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Defense or few of its branches.


  • * The US Space Force will issue augmented reality tokens depicting satellites, mission badges and coins.


  • * The NFTs will exchange on the Ethernity Chain and Star Atlas platforms and be sold for up to $1,000.


  • * The NFT market has cooled off in current weeks after values and acceptance soared earlier this year. 


The group will, exclusively, be launched on two distinct NFT platforms, starting with Star Atlas on June 14 - three days before the arranged Armstrong satellite launch. 

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