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After the Blood bath to $30,000, $750 Million in Bitcoin Withdrawn from Exchanges

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May, 21 2021

May, 21 2021

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BTC/USD spot volume and Coinbase Premium after the crash reached the new ATHs. The large investors withdrew $750 million from bitcoin as of 20, May’21. On May 19th, 2021, it will remain in the past as one of the sharpest corrections in the cryptocurrency market. 


Bitcoin demolished hard by $10,000 in minutes earlier it bounced off in a while later. While thousands of buyers felt the adverse penalties of the enhanced volatility and larger investors used the opportunity to buy the dip as $750 million in BTC. It was moved out of exchanges in minutes. 


The Records after the Dust Settled 


The ever-volatile landscape of the cryptocurrency industry hit hard yesterday. The primary cryptocurrency fell seriously from above $40,000 to its bottom price tag later January at $30,000. It was an unexpected value dump that affected the altcoins even worse. From 30% to 50% declines were marked from Binance Coin, EthereumCardano, Ripple, and more. 


The complete spot trading volume rose steeply. Data from the analytics company Skew established that the spot volume for the trading duo BTC/USD went to a record at about $9 billion. 


Out of Exchanges- $750M in BTC got transferred: 


The recent corrections, possibly prompted by Elon Musk, Tesla, and China reports specified that so-called short-term investors. It was those who sold out the most important portions, even at a loss. 


At the same time, on-chain data exposed that greater investors, typically referred to as whales, were collecting. Such appears to be the case now as well. As to Glassnode, such holders extracted about $750 million worth of bitcoin off exchanges in a stock of minutes. 


Some claim that these withdrawals came from institutional investors who were copying down on their bitcoin engagements. This theory established support from the BTC quality on Coinbase. 


The major US-based crypto exchange is among the most chosen venues for (American) institutions to accrue BTC. The platform sees an important influx of buy orders, which is much more complex than on other exchanges. It generates a rate difference identified as premium.

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