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Elon Musk tweets and signals dodgecoin might go up to $1

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May, 21 2021

May, 21 2021

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Elon Musk has declared on Twitter to talk about DOGE again. They posted a picture of a $1 note with a Shiba-Inu dog on it as of 21-May-2021. It suggests this is his forecast of the meme coins price. The picture in the tweet rises to the Cyber Viking book series by Marcus Sloss. 


This all matter stated that “Saudi war veteran Eric Yang, who organizes to save the Earth from an alien attack”. Remembering Musk calling Doge the "people's currency”. Now just think that the unusual billionaire is again shilling DOGE as the asset that will "save the world" without the world recognizing it till time. 


What does it charge? 


In a press release, Dogecoin is exchanging hands at $0.3752, as per coinmarketcap. Before a day's plunges tracked Bitcoin’s downward route from above $40,000 down by $10,000. 


The Tesla CEO is an all-time DOGE fan, he frequently posts tweets associated with DOGE. He is pushing the coin’s value to new highs. Several believe the head of Tesla is influencing the Doge and Bitcoin value. But later he pushed BTC into the sea of red by tweeting that it is a “dirty coin”. On the other hand, Musk’s recent entrance on SNL made the meme-currency indicate a massive drop. 


Elon Musk Tweet Issues #DOGE1 Campaign

Musk has wordlessly acknowledged his price point for DOGE. He wants to understand it hit that dollar mark. And he’s not only, as legions of DOGE fans are now speaking about it. The tweet has catalyzed the #DOGE1 hashtag, an assembling cry for the price point, and to the pleasing surprise of Musk, free promotion for his space exploration company’s DOGE-1 satellite. 


The tweet arises at a time right next to some big losses for the meme crypto. And, it is doing well to undo the loss. The seven-day percentage moved concisely into the green for the first time in a few days this morning. Thanks in part to Musk’s sympathetic message. The crypto is at present up by 22% on the day’s trading session, varying hands at 42 cents. 

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