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Audit of the Three Licenses Available to Members of the crypto product

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May, 05 2021

May, 05 2021

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Before its dispatch, the engineers of this product have effectively delivered subtleties that uncover three kinds of licenses accessible for individuals to get . one among the most manners by which the product brings in cash is by exploiting the vast spreads that exist inside the crypto item trade and routinely siphon profit from the wares markets' exchanging movement. Each permit holder will likewise be accepting individual one-on-one telephone support close by an Earnings Pass to hitch a gathering held in 2014 in Austria with settled up stay-and-room.  


Token Use  


FIC tokens have a two-overlay job:  


Marking: eFIC tokens are frequently marked to hold out specific activities like the making of the most recent monetary instruments and, in this way, the posting of the most recent credits  


Expenses: FIC tokens are wont to pay charges, and these tokens are spent and gone until the end of time  

 As the organization's selection builds, it's expected that give will get more tight while the symbolic worth of eFIC appreciates.  


Utilization of Proceeds :

 The utilization of continues demonstrates that most of the supports will be utilized for fixing the group (39%) and improvement (35%). The leftover is part across promoting/business improvement, legitimate and different administrations.  



The site and promoting material shows seven center colleagues split across activities, innovation, and product.  




There are five guides altogether recorded inside the whitepaper. Notable names include:  


Jed McCaleb: CTO and fellow benefactor of Stellar.org. recorded in digital money circles and been engaged with Ripple and Stellar tasks  


George Popescu: Advisor to 3 ICOs, various new businesses, and a business person. he's additionally the Editor-in-Chief of Lending Times, a media organization inside the P2P and web-based loaning space  


Past financial backers  


There are three striking VC firms and start-up gas pedals backing the FIC organization:  


Lift VC: the main gas pedal for blockchain/crypto. Ventures incorporate BlockcypherEtherscan, Coinbase, and Polychain Capital.  


Bialla Venture Partners: beginning phase VC firm close by a leading search firm practicing inside the monetary administration's space  


Shortcomings : We expect a few business advancement exercises to be a sluggish method to consistently changing authorizing and guideline necessities. FIC Network will probably be enrolled in each ward it works during, which is generally a slow interaction. We expect that this could be very low given the length of the business cycle. With 13 out of 21 staff positions yet to be filled (counting CTO, VP Engineering, and VP Product), it will be hard for FIC Network to stay on track with its driven guide. 

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