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NFL player will receive an entire salary in Bitcoin

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May, 03 2021

May, 03 2021

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According to?www.newsweek.com, the report says as of 26-April-2021 that Kansas City's Sean Culkin has become the leading NFL Player to Get Full Salary in Bitcoin. 


The player Sean Culkin will take the whole of his 2021 base salary (i.e., $920,000) in Bitcoin very happily. 


The fifth-year tight finish is the first National Football League performer to be paid completely in bitcoin. Aggressive tackle Russell Okung, who superbly monitored through on his statement to “pay me in bitcoin,” still proceeds half of his $13 million salaries in fiat. 


The Chiefs are conscious of Culkin’s preparation but his reserve agreement is still denominated in dollars, he specified. 


Sean, who's currently an NFL tight end, hopes to parlay his pass-catching capacity into new-world gold. 


Supported points you must know: 


Culkin, who's inflating his fifth NFL period and a fresh signee with the Kansas City Chiefs, has a bettor's chance at winning a Super Bowl ring in 2021 time. 


Yet Culkin hopes that occurs, he's betting a portion of his future with 100 per cent of his 2021 pay. 


Culkin will convert the first NFL player to have his complete salary in Bitcoin, business is the gold standard of this generation. He will be salaried a base salary of $920,000, salaried to him by the Chiefs in biweekly instalments. The currency will then directly convert into Bitcoin through an app called Zap. 


Taking 100% of one’s income in BTC might not be a sensible financial decision for everybody, Culkin confessed. But he said his financial expenses, risk limits and long-term conviction in bitcoin made it the right change for him. 


Culkin said he became alert of bitcoin in summer 2016 but it wasn’t till March 2020 that he initiated seriously considering it as an investment. One year later, Culkin is scheduled to swap his fiat income flow for bitcoin alone. 

He said he’s unfazed by the actual real option of market dips. Assault will repeatedly convert his cash paychecks to bitcoin no matter the worth. 

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