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How to track improved eCommerce in Constrained Content Pro and GiveWP?

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Apr, 09 2021

Apr, 09 2021

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The big good companies always pay attention to your feedback to make it the best Google Analytics plugin ever for WordPress. And at present, they are delighted to introduce an improved eCommerce add-on and project delight to enhance efficiency. 


In the newest release, the experts are adding new eCommerce integrations. You can now effortlessly set up eCommerce tracking on websites that are motorized by GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro plugins. 


This is not the end, rather a beginning. We have also improved the complete experience of using the Insights. Let’s dive into the facts 

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New additions for eCommerce Tracking 


If you need to develop your eCommerce store, it is vital to truly know your audience. It helps to expose insights about your customer’s shopping behaviour, so you can improve your store and drive more revenue. And nowadays, they are thrilled to proclaim that they are expanding the list of supported plugins. It may now work flawlessly with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro. 


GiveWP is the greatest WordPress donation plugin that hires agreement you collect donations, accomplish donors, and build donation forms. However restricted content pro is a widespread membership plugin for WordPress, which lets you deliver exclusive content to members, generate membership levels, and effortlessly manage users from your dashboard. 


Ecommerce integrations 


And with these new additions, it can be easier than ever to see how your online store is executing, which strategies are occupied, and whether or not you require tweaking your method. 


By means of the greatest eCommerce addon, there will be no need to manage code or hire a developer. You can track the enactment of your GiveWP donation website or Restricted Content Pro association site in just a few clicks. 

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Give away Project Delight Improvements 


At great companies, they pay special care to your requirements and carefully listen to all your feedback. And in this statement, they are excited to present Project Delight. The purpose of Project Delight is modest: to make definite that every time you use it, the entire experience is a delight. 


And to safeguard that you get the best conceivable experience, they have enriched reporting accuracy, the control panel design, and improved compatibility. This way, you can effortlessly find the most significant data about your visitors and make informed decisions for raising your business. 


For example, the Contextual Insights eye now makes it super relaxed to spot reports and settings. It now takes you straight to the feature that’s stated. 


This way, you save time and do not have to get on different reports or settings choices to get to what you want. The plugin will scroll and highpoint the settings and reports for you. 


Appropriate insights 


On the side of that, they have also upgraded the styles for the widely held posts feature, so they look astonishing on your website. The revolution of the posts in the widget is also enhanced. 


This arranges for better exposure for your best content and makes them noticeable to your audience. As an outcome, you get to boost user engagement, keep guests on your site, and create opportunities for interior links for top blog posts. 


The new eCommerce integrations along with project delight developments are now available easily. So, what are you in the making for? Click on the requisite site to get started today! 


As continuously, it raises your continuous support and feedback for making it the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. 


They have got more exciting new structures lined up for you, so don’t overlook them on Twitter and Facebook for the current updates. 

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