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Do Bitcoin Replace Gold- Cryptocurrency Price Check

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Mar, 11 2021

Mar, 11 2021

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Cryptocurrency values have held regular amid market volatility due to inflation concerns this past week. Check out the current news in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and much. 


As stocks have done this past week amid market volatility, cryptocurrency's worth has stayed steady and stayed relatively flat. Leading market players have been deliberating on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 


Janet Yellen specified that she backs the Federal Reserve investigating digital currencies that could form payment quicker and cheaper. 


Coinbase published its finances leading to going public and disclosed that it booked profits as revenue twofold in 2020. 


MicroStrategy (MSTR) - Get Report reclaimed its support for the digital currency Bitcoin later it purchased $1 billion worth of Bitcoin. 


Square declared its largest revenue root from this past year was selling Bitcoin. The payments giant PayPal (PYPL) - Get Report is an account making a crypto acquisition. 


Goldman Sachs (GS) - Get Study has restarted a crypto trading desk entry during the last bear market. The world's big financial institutions have also issued a batch of research notes, fundamental investigation, and proficient opinion on investing in Bitcoin including Citi (C) - Get Report and Bridgewater (BWB) - Get Report, JP Morgan (JPM)- Get Report. 


Bitcoin is up almost 2% in value over the past week but was down early Friday morning as bond volatility is reducing activity for the cryptocurrency. 


This comes later Bloomberg put out a report analyzing whether Bitcoin could regenerate gold as a global asset. 


Bitwise DeFi Index Fund has pulled in over $30 Million in just two weeks after declaring its fastest-growing investment ware. 


Litecoin has gained about 2% in the past week. Litecoin Maker Charlie Lee compared NFTs markets, such as NBA Top Shots, to the ICO market at the end of 2017. 


Binance Coin has down over 3% in the past week as the best-selling altcoin asset has been hit the difficult in the past week of the famous cryptocurrencies.  

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