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Comparison done on the Better Bitcoin Wallet in India - Flitpay or Zebpay?

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CBW -External Analyst


Mar, 03 2021

Mar, 03 2021

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Flitpay and Zebpay are bitcoin exchanges that help users to deal with bitcoin. Let's glance at the features of both the BTC wallets that help us differentiate between them. Flitpay may be a bitcoin wallet app that helps you purchase and sell bitcoin in India. Flitpay charges a minimal transaction fee that too on transactions made to/from other bitcoin wallets. There's no transaction fee or charges for transactions between users of the Flitpay app. Flitpay provides its customers with the most straightforward BTC price and services within the market along with side cash back perks. It also guarantees transparency and complete monitoring of the user's transactions. Flitpay also provides certain features alongside the foremost friendly interface. 


Zebpay is targeted at regular people who want to start out using bitcoin, making it very user-friendly. It's headquartered in Singapore. It allows the users to buy/sell BTC through its app available on various mobile app stores. Zebpay is additionally working towards bringing a few changes in the regulation of bitcoin in India. 


Both the bitcoin exchanges(Zebpay and Flitpay) are user-friendly and ensure maximum transparency. Flitpay and Zebpay both require the users to verify their checking account details and obtain an equivalent in sync with the app. Afterward, the users can perform all their transactions with no troubles from any third-party interventions. They can use their BTC balance for creating payments and transfers. They will furthermore trade bitcoin also. Both Zebpay and Flitpay are considered to be the simplest BTC wallet apps. 




The promotional wallet allows the user to hold out his transactions from the bitcoin he earns through referring an individual. The user must have a minimum balance of Rs 1000 in his promotional wallet to trade further. Zebpay's bitcoin wallet app enables bitcoin transactions using mobile numbers with no complexities to know bitcoin addresses, taking backups, or fear of losing bitcoin. Using the Zebpay wallet app, users can purchase, sell, store and spend bitcoin using a mobile number and a 4-digit pin. 

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Shivangi Mujumdar

CBW - External Analyst


05 Mar 2021

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