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Cryptocurrency: Forthcoming Trading Of in India

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Jan, 14 2021

Jan, 14 2021

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With the popularization of an internet application, a virtual monetary system – called cryptocurrency has also been invented. A fashionable form of cryptocurrency is bitcoin. As cryptocurrency became favourite, people started investing and trading in bitcoins crosswise the world even though the trade was not organized. Trading in an unstructured sector can lead to money laundering, crime, and even terrorist funding. This popularly increasing new aspect also requires tax reforms to report for the incomes being rendered by the consumer. Still, there was no present protection - neither for consumers nor for the enterprise runners in India.


We had a query, whether it is accomplished for the policy-makers to set the virtual monetary system in India. The Supreme Court judgment spotlight the RBI message attention to the fraud of Rs.2,000 crores that took place in India creator by Gain bitcoin which secure return on investment, but no return ever occur and also a related event which happened in a country like Japan where stealing of 850,000 bitcoins had happened. But rather than banning virtual currency, Japan organized its virtual currency business by revising the Payment Services Act which regularities the cryptocurrency business in Japan.

Like Japan, there are numerous other countries that have regularize cryptocurrency in their several jurisdictions. For example, Canada does not treat virtual prevalence as a legal tender but allows mercantilism of these currencies in the country by producing few changes in Canada's Yield of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act.? 

From India's view, a major factor for thinking is that start of the Digital rupee as a legal caring may be a point of struggle as by way of prohibition other virtual currency and entry of Digital Rupee, the government may have a market in this business. The honourable Supreme Court of India has famed this feature while discussing this issue but hedge discussion on it by stating that such a position has not yet arisen11 as legislation is still in a bill shape. 

This further brings direction on a big query that why can't India regularize these currencies akin to other countries by amending taxation laws, Foreign Exchange Management Act, 2016. The forthcoming of cryptocurrency lies completely in the hands of assembly, whether to ban the currency or not. Aside from this, we want to make a judgment for the way progressive - the beginning of the digital rupee or to arrange the sector. This is the requirement of the hour to form a workable opportunity for investors and consumers. 


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