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Dan Held of Kraken- Blockchain Journey to know

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Jan, 10 2021

Jan, 10 2021

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Dan Held is a Texan who does not drive a truck, love Trump, drink beer, or watch sports. He is a tech enthusiast who is not into coding. His expressions like a usual preppy dude, wearing a white button-up shirt and with a swoop haircut, but he flies drones, fixes on full nodes, and writes about libertarian values. He will not match the usual stereotypes. 


Hard to settle that in relations to where I fit in: 


  • 1. Football, Held states, is an immense deal in Texas. Ages ago, the development lead at Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken appreciated success as a football player there, going 16-0 and winning state in his older year of high school. 

  • 2. He played fitting end, a place that involves a high degree of flexibility as a combination of violent lineman and receiver. At Kraken, he has sustained in an alike vein spending his main year on business development, and now functioning on growth. 

  • 3. But Held has developed familiar to the ongoing dichotomies that have constructed his character — and, eventually, his career. He matured up all over the political and societal map in an uncommon melange of experiences, spending time in Minnesota, Colorado, and Texas, ultimately landing in San Francisco.? 

  • 4. He was one of the rare people in his groups who was actually into Bitcoin in its early days, yet was non-techie. What grabbed him was Bitcoin’s value proposition as a solution to the failures of modern monetary policy. 

  • 5. Through his college days, the 2008 financial crisis began to question the system. He soon was enthralled by Bitcoin’s monetary policy and how well it was acceptable with the libertarian philosophy of free markets. 


Learning finance as an undergraduate in 2008, Held remembered a breakdown in his faith in the financial system and in the specialists that were supposed to clarify and protect it. It trembled his foundational trust in the financial system that maximum of us take for granted. 


It perhaps also facilitated that his father was an exciting sports enthusiast who bicycled across America at 60 years old. He would take the young Held boys out on “14er” hikes, climbing 14,000-foot mountain peaks in Colorado. To say it inspired an intellect of ruggedness and determination would be an understatement. 


The teachings have stuck with Held during his career, serving him well when he wanted to make fast decisions under pressure. It is also tough for his resolve when it comes to sharpening up against competitors. 

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