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12 of the major initiative Blockchain players of 2020

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Jan, 10 2021

Jan, 10 2021

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The enterprise Blockchain space in 2020 expression a lot contrary from previous years, show the continuation and a drive to develop and advance. 

The enterprise Blockchain space has transformed quite a bit since 2017. For example, 2020 has brought in a number of enterprise Blockchain use proceedings that leverage public networks rather than private ones. The COVID-19 pandemic has also motivated many establishments, both large and small, to use Blockchain for assurance proof-of-health or to bring tourism. Eventually, some Blockchain companies this year have begun showing an interest in decentralized finance, taking steps to effort this new sector. 

Recorded below are a few companies and answers that have made the pace in the enterprise Blockchain space this year. 

Ernst & Young 

Big Four firm Ernst and Young have played a progressive role in enterprise acceptance. The firm was one of the initial to explore the cryptocurrency space in 2016 when the company conducted a survey to amend understanding of the possibility of digital assets. Since then, EY has been starring the way for public enterprise blockchain acceptance. 


The Food Trust system dates back to 2016 — one of the early illustrations of enterprise Blockchain when IBM Blockchain was being used by Walmart to find out food products that required to be recalled. 


PayPal genuinely shook up the Crypto sector this year when the company declared plans for a new service to assist cryptocurrency starting in early 2021. In November of this year, PayPal’s crypto commerce and payment platform went active for U.S. users. PayPal’s new entry into the cryptocurrency market is foreseen to impact the price of Bitcoin moving progressively. 


Software creator Microsoft offers a Blockchain-as-a-service finished its cloud computing arm, Azure. 


Visa's increasing interest in fintech has also been met with the examination. In January, Visa acquired fintech firm Plaid, which was judged by the U.S. Department of Justice, agitating a lawsuit against the payment provider. 

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