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Tokenized Real Estate CrowdFunding Platform Max Crowdfund Approved by Netherland’s Regulatory Body

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Aug, 18 2020

Aug, 18 2020

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Max Property Group (MPG), a real estate investment company in the Netherlands has been approved by the financial regulatory body – Financial Markets Authority (AFM) to launch an international real estate crowdfunding platform Max Crowdfund.

This will be a blockchain-based platform on which real estate-backed loans will be placed.

After this approval, Max Property Group (MPG) will proceed further for a partnership with blockchain technology provider firm Jelurida.

This will be the first blockchain-based platform for tokenized real estate backed loans and possibly first of its kind across the globe.   

Crowd Funding as a Tool to Democratize Real Estate investment 

The MPG aims to democratize the platform and seeks large public investment in the project. It has thus automated the entire process to make it transparent and reliable. The investors can invest as little as €100 ($117.50). The platform allows investors to raise money from the public by pitching international donors via the platform.

The company claims to attract 70,000 users before the launch.

Jelurida’s Ardor Blockchain to Support the Platform

The idea of the crowdfunding platform had been conceived long back after the establishment of the MPG in 2017. While elaborating more about the project, CTO of Max Property Group Erwin Van Kekem informed that the platform will be supported by Jelurida’s Ardor Blockchain which has a multichain architecture that allows the member companies to foster independently via the platform.

Erwin Kekem said, “It has been several years since we initiated the development of Max Crowdfund, and obtaining the approval from the AFM was long 10-month process due to the blockchain component, we are extremely pleased that we can finally officially go live.”

The possible public launch has been scheduled sometime next month. Kekem also claimed that the company has already been receiving loan applications.

MPG has launched a security token offering through which it expects to raise $ 4.4million over five rounds of $880,000 with the issuance of 205 of the equity.  

The investors will have to pay a onetime fee equal to 0.1 % of their investment along with a monthly fee of 0.1 %. The collected funds will be utilized to buy and burn the security tokens of the company that will be issued directly by the company.

The platform will facilitate fast funding from the international real estate investors with steady returns to the investors.

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