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Elon Musk and John McAfee have spoken against the widespread hysteria about the Corona Pandemic

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Mar, 23 2020

Mar, 23 2020

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Computer genius John McAfee is known for his fearless and controversial views for which he has garnered trouble for himself several times. Recently he has been tweeting a lot against the hyped corona pandemic. Some of his controversial statements regarding the worldwide outbreak have been deleted by Twitter.

Recently Elon Musk told his employees that the risk of dying by the coronavirus is overestimated. He said that the chances of dying in a car crash on the way home are 100 times higher than dying from coronavirus.   

In another tweet, John praised Elon Musk for his rational views


Recently John McAfee shared few videos on Twitter about how the major economies in the world are purposely spreading the COVID 19 havoc the world. He smells it as a big collective conspiracy orchestrated by the superpowers such as US, China Russia, and Europe.

Coronavirus has been spread in more than 150 countries so far. But its outbreak is negligible in tropical climate countries. John thinks that it is an over-hype disease and the global superpowers are misusing to control the movement of people to increase worldwide censorship.

 John said," Governments unilaterally are restricting freedom of movement, restricting assembly, imposing draconian rules on where you can go and not go. And why? You can go to the doctor if you are sick but not if you’re not sick. Restaurants are closed almost everywhere so they can't go to a ballgame. This seems like a totalitarian takeover.”

In another video, john claims this could be a collaborated conspiracy of the US and China and Russia and Europe so that they can impose a draconian regime. While China might want to collapse the western economies by spreading the Virus panic.

One of his tweets in which he claimed that black people won’t be affected by the coronavirus and only whites can get affected has been restricted by twitter justifying it as part of their policy. While McAfee responded this action in another tweet where he posted a pic with his wife saying that he is not against any race and his wife is also a black.

Technically, what Elon Musk says is quite true since the number of fatalities in road accidents is much higher than the deaths caused by a coronavirus.

Similarly considering the example of China, out of 1.4 billion population, only around 80,000 got infected. Which is less than 1 per thousand people. And the fatalities are even less than 4000 with the measures taken by the government.

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