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Empow - First decentralized Visual Content-based Social Media platform launched by Empow ecosystem

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Mar, 16 2020

Mar, 16 2020

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Owing to the growing risk of data exposure and unauthorized use of user's private information on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter have been doing, there is a growing demand for decentralized blockchain-based social media networks. Decentralized social media platforms such as Steemit, eSteem, DLive, Antube have already been introduced to fill up this space and are getting popular.

Adding to this brigade, a new decentralized content-based social media platform Empow has been introduced recently in this space which focuses especially on visual and interactive content.

It has been built on Empow blockchain which is a customized blockchain specially developed for the social network.

It has a robust security mechanism that allows data in the form of visual and interactive images, videos and GIFs. More interestingly, it also rewards the users for their contribution to the media platform.

Difference between Empow and other social media platforms

Steemit was the first decentralized social network that pioneered the concept of the decentralized social network platforms. The UI of the Steemit looks like an online digital newspaper, whereas Antube and DLive are purely video-based platforms.

There is no decentralized social media network which is dedicated to all types of interactive and visual images videos and GIFs, Empow wants to fill in this gap focusing on this particular area.

Decentralized social platforms are is gaining rapid popularity in the current times. The Empow website and Empow apps have been attracting the young content creators and the users as well. On the Empow platform, users can create their own page, can post images, videos or GIFs in their own customized style and respond to others' content as well.

Rewarding users with Activity points(AP)

One of the attractions for the users is that they can earn rewards in the form of EM tokens by uploading their content on the Empow.

The reward system for users will work on Activity points (AP) which the users will need to interact with everyday transactions. Each user will get 10,000 activity points every day that can be utilized to transfer money and perform interaction transactions in the ecosystem.

Empow blockchain contains all the users’ data on the distributed ledger which ensures the safety of their data. To avoid fake accounts and abusive trolls to manipulate communities, Empow will decentralize the users at separate levels.  

More about Empow Ecosystem

Empow is a series of decentralized products and services, powered by blockchain technology with multiple interactive features and utilities of the blockchain. Empow ecosystem with blockchain 4.0 version, aims to utilize all the latest features and its entire potential of the blockchain technology to build its products overcoming limitations of the previous generations of the blockchains.

They have Empow Wallet, EmAds, EmPay, EmScan and Blockchain Empow in their ecosystem.

Empow Wallet – It’s a decentralized e-wallet to manage all types of crypto assets. (Send, receive and store over 500 types of cryptos).

EmAds –is an online advertising auction platform to develop on Empow social network to connect advertisers and publishers on the platform.

EmPay - is the next-generation decentralized payment solution for transferring funds, tokens, etc.

EmScan- is an evaluation tool for the safety and management of Dapp products

Blockchain Empow - Blockchain Empow is built to focus on the social networking site.

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