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Crypto Asset Rating (CAR) Innovations Well-regarded at SFVegas 2020

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Mar, 03 2020

Mar, 03 2020

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SFVegas 2020, the largest capital market capital markets conference in the world had been hosted The Structured Finance Association (SFA) on February 23-26, 2020, at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas Nevada in US.

The conference was presided by Theresa May, former Prime Minister of UK; Jessica Kane, Director, and Office of Credit Rating (SEC); Deborah Rosado Shaw Ex. Senior Vice President and Global chief of PepsiCo among several other dignitaries.

The four day event had been attended by industry leaders and delegates along with massive participation from investors, bankers, issuers, regulators, asset managers, legal firms, accounting firms, technology firms, rating agencies, servicers, and trustees.

Crypto Asset Rating (CAR) on Digital Asset Rating Market Infrastructure

On the fourth day of the conference, a discussion was held among the imminent panelist from diverse industries.

Among the present panelists were Pramod Attarde, Founder and CEO Crypto Asset Rating (CAR); Chen Arad, COO of Solidus Labs, Yael Tamar, CMO and Co-founder of Israeli tokenization platform SolidBlock. She spoke about how they are tokenizing the real estate assets in Israel and how the sector is booming in Israel. The discussion was moderated under the cognizant interaction by Michael Philipp, Partner of Morgan Lewis Law Firm.   

The topics discussed included about how the financial institutions and related startups are focusing on offering innovative products and services involving digital assets to meet consumer’s demands. Another topic was about how blockchains are being deployed by financial institutions in Capital markets in terms of clearing the securities, custody, or other service offerings and the challenges coming across the structures finance industry.

Addressing the panel, Pramod Attarde, Crypto Asset Rating CEO elaborated upon the queries of the fellow panelists about how CAR is working on various projects through various platforms and the how CAR is trying to change the paradigms of industry with digitization of assets.

Replying to Michael Philipp, Moderator of the Panel and Partner of reputed Law Firm Morgan Lewis, Pramod Attarde spoke about the essentiality of the neutral Rating model for the crypto assets and how the digital asset market infrastructure has been designed distinctively to deliver the independent and competent rating of the digital assets. Pramod also expounded about how the issuer’s background is being checked pertaining to regulatory compliance before introducing him to investors.

The fellow panelists had an in-depth discussion about the innovative ways of leveraging financial and digital products and services in the industry.

The SFVegas 2020 event was a huge success amidst the clouds of qualms due to corona virus. Few international deals had been shelved during the conference including the Aircraft ABS deal due to the widespread panic wave. But overall a massive enthusiastic response from participants and visitors had been witnessed for all the sessions.   

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