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Hottest Global Employment Trends and booming Blockchain Job Market in 2020

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Jan, 28 2020

Jan, 28 2020

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The global crypto-assets market is growing rapidly with worth more than $250 billion and with this exhilarating news, the blockchain technology behind the crypto-assets is most sought after technology in the current times.

With ongoing technological advancement and implementation of blockchain technology possibly in every sector, the blockchain-based jobs are emerging as the hottest jobs across the globe.

Blockchain experts are in great demand and blockchains are redefining the job opportunities across the world. As per the latest trends on the LinkedIn website, blockchain-related jobs tops the list along with data scientist and machine learning engineers.

Another job searching site indeed revealed that blockchain and cryptocurrency-related jobs have observed a 26%increase from 2018 to 2019.  Glassdoor has disclosed a 300% rise in blockchain-related jobs in 2018.

Apart from the finance and IT applications, blockchain technology is penetrating everywhere. The retail industry, media, gaming, agriculture, food safety and pharmacy, transport, supply and logistics, shipping, among several other industries are seeking the blockchain-related technical workforce.

The LinkedIn listed hot jobs which include Blockchain technology on top along with the following job opportunities:

1) Blockchain Technology

2) Artificial intelligence specialist

3) JavaScript Developer

 4) Robotic process automation consultant

5) Back end Developer

6) Site reliability engineer

7) Digital marketing manager

8) Customer success specialist

9) Full Stack Engineer

10) Python Developer.

Recent LinkedIn Reports also revealed that the employers from the US, UK, Germany, Australia France, and Japan, etc. have searched for blockchain experts on the priority.

According to Upwork's skills index, the most rapidly developing skill is expertise in Blockchain technology.

Let's ponder over 10 most demanding positions related to blockchain.

  1. Blockchain developer
  2. Blockchain cryptographer
  3. Blockchain designer
  4. Blockchain project manager
  5. Blockchain quality engineer
  6. Blockchain marketing manager
  7. Blockchain writer
  8. Smart contract developer writer
  9. Blockchain sales manager
  10. Blockchain legal consultant

1) Blockchain Developer

Blockchain developer develops and designs the architecture of the blockchain system. The structural design is being built by applying smart contracts and web apps following certain protocols.

Blockchain developers can be of two types: Core blockchain Developer and Blockchain Software Developer.

The core blockchain developer is mostly into the designing of the blockchain system. He designs the architecture of the system through programming including all the security features as per the protocol.

Role: He designs the blockchain as per the consensus protocols, configures the security structure, networking structure and further supervises the entire system.

Blockchain software developer works one step ahead of Core blockchain Developer. He builds the decentralized application mechanism that has to be run on the system.

Role: Apart from developing the decentralized interactive app or DApp, he writes the smart contract and supervises the DApp running across the system.

Required skills:

Blockchain developer should have comprehensive knowledge of the blockchain technology and its architecture, data assembly and its application, web development and hyper ledger, Smart contract development and core cryptography of the blockchain.

He should be well versed in programming languages such as C++, C#, JavaScript, and GO. Also, the knowledge of the coding language Solidity is essential for developing the blockchain with Ethereum based smart contracts

2) Blockchain Designer

The blockchain designer has to build an interface that highlights all the unique features of the blockchain to make it user-friendly. This job needs high skills and thus is in high demand.

Skill requirement: Blockchain designer should know graphic design and he/she should have knowledge about basic tools and techniques of UI/UX.

3) Blockchain Cryptographer

Blockchain Cryptographer is an expert in cyber security who understands the security and defense mechanism of the system.

Skill requirements: A cryptographer should be a good mathematician and logical thinker. He /she should be well versed in programming languages. He should understand all the technicalities about blockchains as well as a thorough understanding of key exchanges, digital signature, symmetric encryption, message authentication codes hash functions, etc.

4) Blockchain Quality Engineer:

Like any other engineer, Quality Engineer should be able to assess and evaluate the system. He should understand the test strategy and QA test criteria for the development and maintenance of the system.

Skill requirement: Blockchain quality engineers should have the core knowledge of coding, smart contracts, transactions and other technical issues relevant to the blockchain platform. A good understanding of Economics with problem-solving capacity makes perfectly suitable for this job.

5) Blockchain Project Manager

A blockchain project manager is an intermediary between the clients and developers.

He should have an excellent understanding of the client's business needs. And simultaneously, he should be capable to convey the concepts and expectations of clients to the developers to design the system accordingly

Skill requirements: The project manager should have a basic understanding of blockchain technology apart from that he should have communication skills to convey his ideas and concepts to the experts to run and manage the project successfully.

6) Blockchain Legal Consultant

 Blockchain legal consultant should have the knowledge of native fintech-related laws and regulations of the particular region in which the company is located. He should be able to provide legal solutions in compliance with finance and government regulations.

Skill requirements: The lawyers who have a good understanding of the blockchain technology and fintech industry can be legal consultants in blockchain projects.

7) Blockchain Marketing Manager

Blockchain Marketing Manager has to perform the same functions similar to any other marketing manager. He has to promote blockchain technology and the core platform on which the system has been developed.

Skill requirement: Marketing Manager must have a Marketing Communication academic background and he should be able to deliver his concepts and ideas to his target customer base. He should be able to design the marketing strategies understanding the needs and anticipation of the customers.

8) Blockchain writer

Blockchain writers should have excellent research skills. Furthermore, he should have a good understanding of blockchain technology and should be able to pen it down in simple terminology so that the generated content should be understood by the layman as well.

Skill requirement: Apart from the research skills accountant writer should able to understand each and every concept clearly and precisely.

9) Smart contract writer

Smart contract writers need to be proficient in the Solidity language that is used for coding the contracts.

Skill requirement: Smart content writer should have experience in developing smart contracts and programs best on Ethereum. He should also have exposure to python JavaScript.

10) Blockchain Sales Manager

 Blockchain Sales Manager has to sell the blockchain-related products or the ideas related to blockchain application.

Skill requirement: Blockchain sales manager is on the front end of the promotion of the products.so he needs to have the study of the market and good analytical skills to compose a good sales and marketing strategy.

Conclusive words

While exploring blockchain jobs, Job seekers can also master highly sought after soft skills expected in 2020, including creativity, collaboration, adaptability, persuasion, emotional intelligence to enhance their job profile.

The technology is penetrating in every arena of the business world. Hence the blockchain jobs are emerging in various forms. People need to integrate themselves with blockchain technology skills with their prior expertise in other spheres. The demand is ever-growing and opportunities are boundless just need to bang on it. 

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