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John McAfee Wants an Era of Decentralized Politics

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Jan, 08 2020

Jan, 08 2020

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Now John McAfee has come up with new controversy. He wants to tokenize all 535 US Congressmen. Through the series of tweets from January 5, he has been vocal about the tokenization. McAfee Antivirus builder, Bitcoin hardcore supporter, and businessman and founder of several companies John McAfee has always been in news for some or other controversy with his wild, wacky lifestyle and bold statements.

His Other Recent Controversial Activities 
His other tweet renounced his own previous statement which echoed that his previous statement predicting that the Bitcoin will touch at $1 million by end of 20202 has been a sham. Recently he had blamed the US government to conspire against him and detaining and harassing his staff in various countries. McAfee has been evading the US income tax from the last few years citing the reason that the US government system is corrupt and manipulative and thus he doesn't want to donate his hard-earned money as tax to the corrupt system. He has been rebelling against the US government since then and is in exile. He is also going to re-contest the US Presidential elections in 2020. Though he publicly has said that his winning chances are feeble but his motives are ulterior.

How the tokenization will happen?
With a series of controversial statements via twitter the notorious John McAfee announced that he wants to tokenize all the 535 US Congress leaders to sell them in the open market. McAfee further added that that the representatives will be listed on his MacfeeDex exchange. His other tweet says that his team will mail every single voter one token per politician free of cost. And they will be tracking every token movement through their exchange. The tokens will be listed on McAfeeDex.com on 1st March 2020 with a price tag of one penny for each token at the start. He states after the people will find out what is the worth of every representative in the open market.

He furthermore has opened another account labeled as @BuyCongressman for the political token followersThe account flashes “We are the first to apply the blockchain to the American Political Process."

 @BuyCongressman Twitter account has tweeted that in May it will probably add POTUS candidates in the tokenization process. However, the US government has disapproved of his act and the Office of Legal Counsel OLC has threatened that it will take legal action if he includes POTUS (President of The United States candidates) in the tokenization process. However, the tokenization process has been in the final phase in Catalonia and reportedly reserves 183 million for the tokenization. The project is said to be the gauge to check the popularity of political candidates.

How the Token will Work?
Every single token has been registered as one voter. The ownership right and vote authority will remain to the original owner even if the token is purchased or sold. Also, a competition of 1000 DAI equivalent to $1000 has been held to gauge the popularity of presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi. His other tweet and a video on twitter quote, “Why is it crucial to tokenize every member of our Government on the Blockchain? It comes down to money—who holds it, who controls it, who spends it. When all three of these are in the hands of the people, we will have a new world. Blockchain is our answer.

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