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AITECH Has Been Verified by Certik

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Dec, 31 2022

Dec, 31 2022

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As of today, there are thousands upon thousands of crypto projects, with many being non-authentic. But how do you know if a crypto project is legit Getting audited is one way of proving a project’s authenticity.

About Certik :

Certik is a pioneer in blockchain security founded in 2018 by professors of Columbia and Yale universities. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and Formal Verification, Certik is able to secure and monitor blockchains, Web3 apps, and smart contracts.

AITECH’s Certik Verification and KYC Badge:

AITECH has officially passed every stage successfully in the Certik KYC process, a massive accomplishment for AITECH and the team. It’s not only that but the company’s primary team has been awarded the official Certik KYC badge. The Certik KYC badge proves how genuine of a project AITECH is. It has also been published on the Certik security leaderboard, which can be seen on their website.

Such a process proves that AITECH is truly a safe and secure project that is more than willing to show its community the highest level of transparency and trust. Security plays a massive role for investors when they invest in a project. AITECH’s successful Certik KYC audit is proof enough that the project is a safe investment.


AITECH’s golden badge has also identified the project as fully secure, as this is no ordinary badge. It’s the highest ranking a project can ever get during its audit. The golden badge rank proves further stability and strength for such a project as AITECH.



Solidus Ai Tech is a computation network created to distribute computing power to organizations working on complex AI projects requiring high computing power. AITECH focuses on delivering an eco-friendly High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centre and an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform to users in Europe and globally. 

Solidus aims to serve clientele from Governmental Authorities, SMEs, Megacorps, and Professionals by providing them with computing power and Artificial Intelligence Licensing services through their AITECH digital currency. AITECH envisions a world where the development of genuinely efficient data centres can fulfill the need for computing power in the global market.

The Importance of Getting Verified:

Many projects fail to get verified, increasing skepticism towards their project and team. In the past two years, the crypto world has seen many rug pulls and scams that have accounted for millions of dollars in losses. Getting verified and audited is perhaps a necessity among several genuine crypto projects like AITECH. Building a strong supportive community is of utter importance to the company as they continue to work towards its growth in the blockchain industry. Learn more about AITECH via their TelegramWebsite, and Twitter accounts.

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