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Flipkart launched Flipverse to enable customers buy items in metaverse

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Oct, 20 2022

Oct, 20 2022

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Flipkart launched Flipverse to enable customers to buy items in the metaverse. In?its own metaverse, Flipverse,? several brands will able to offer their own shopping experiences. 

The Indian e-commerce leader Flipkart, which is funded by Walmart, has started a trial program to let its users experience making purchases in a metaverse setting. Flipkart has announced plans to test its own metaverse purchasing system. A new metaverse called Flipverse, will allow different businesses to offer their own shopping experiences. Customers will be able to make purchases through their smartphones as if they were physically there in a virtual store due to this new Flipverse metaverse and it will bridge the gap between best of the online and offline shopping experience. 

The major Indian e-commerce company Flipkart partnered with eDAO, a company incubated by Polygon, to develop this new platform and get the metaverse launch ready for this month. The goal was to bring customers closer to their favorite companies. According to a Flipkart executive, the idea is to have millions of users experience Flipverse and get in a new era in shopping. 

In Flipverse, shoppers can create a metaverse avatar for virtual shopping. Additionally, brands will be able to create their metaverse-ready digital twins. Furthermore, Flipverse will support unique digital collectibles in addition to contests and exclusive brand offers. In the gamified and interactive metaverse, Indian shoppers can try out products from brands like Puma and Nivea.  

A number of significant partners, including Puma, Noise, Nivea, Lavie, Tokyo Talkies, Campus, VIP, Ajmal Perfumes, and Himalaya, have already signed on to participate with the company. These partners will be able to provide their own custom experiences and support in Flipkart's metaverse. n this pilot program, different brands have already signed on to participate and customers will be able to collect supercoins and digital collectibles from different brands, which will be gamified and rewarded with loyalty points. 

As per reports, Flipverse is in the experimental stage and is aiming to attract interest during this month’s festive season. 

According to Flipkart's release, Flipkart is open to rolling out Flipverse in "full scale" following the pilot that will run for one week. As per Flipkart and Polygon this will change in the future due to a 2017 video that appeared again this year. It showed an example of how purchases would be made in a fictitious Walmart-themed metaverse. 

Currently, Walmart owns 72% of Flipkart, and launched two experiences called "Walmart Land" and "Walmart's Universe of Play" in the Roblox universe in September, marking its first metaverse entry. 

Other firms working on the metaverse 

In February 2022, Tech Mahindra an international technology company based in India announced the launch of TechMVerse. It is a service that would offer customers interactive and immersive experiences. According to reports, the company was working on 60 metaverse projects as of July 2022. 

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