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Digital Crypto wallet Metamask launches Beta version of New Dapp

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Oct, 09 2022

Oct, 09 2022

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Beta version of new dApp?Launched by crypto wallet MetaMask through which?MetaMask aims to create a "one-stop platform" for large corporations.?Global digital asset wallet Metamask partnered with Cobo to build this platform. 

The decentralised application (dApp) that will act as a "one-stop shop" for managing cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) portfolios across several platforms was recently introduced in beta by global digital asset wallet Metamask. With the new wallet, users can view their assets across multiple chains, allowing them to manage everything from one place. 

The partnership between MetaMask and Cobo aims to create an "all-in-one platform" for large corporations dealing with digital assets. Cobo NFT management has been added to the MetaMask Institutional wallet's growing list of custodial services. 

Self-governing wallet, a new, beta portfolio decentralized application (dApp) launched by MetaMask serves as a central hub for users to connect with and manage their crypto assets spread across many chains. The new DApp from Metamask gives customers an integrated view of their NFT collection. Currently it is working on a feature that will display information about NFT value and pricing estimates. MetaMask collaborated with NFT management and storage provider Cobo to develop an "all-in-one platform" for big businesses dealing with digital assets. The dApp has a toggle for NFTs that shows users a list of all the NFTs they possess. Users have the ability to add friends' public and ENS (Ethereum Naming Service) addresses via the dApp as well. 

The "Portfolio DApp," accessible to extension and mobile users, enables users to connect various accounts and assets across numerous chains in a single interface according to Metamask. The DApp's "watch any wallet" feature enables users to have the opportunity to add additional offline or hardware wallets in addition to online wallets. Portfolio, according to MetaMask, collects user accounts and cryptocurrency holdings from many networks.  

Both a mobile application and a browser extension are available for the wallet. Users only need to click the "Portfolio" option on the browser extension home screen to begin connecting numerous accounts in order to open a wallet through MataMask's new service. 

Metamask Institutional offers a separate version for organizations. The seven networks that MetaMask's Portfolio DApp presently supports are Ethereum, Optimism, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Abritrum, and Avalanche. Users can view and manage their assets on each chain after connecting them.  

According to Metamask developer Consensys, 30 million monthly average users (MAUs) use the Ethereum-based wallet as of Mar. 15, 2022. 

the new wallet from MetaMask which is a dApp that gives users a glimpse of their accounts across various chains and enables them to manage all of their assets from one spot. 

The institutional branch of MetaMask has been implementing custodial partnerships in various countries around the world, despite MetaMask being a non-custodial wallet at the average user level. 

To give its clients a simple on-ramp, traditional financial leaders like Société Générale, one of the biggest investment banks in Europe, recently offered up crypto asset management services. On Sept. 20, Nasdaq announced it would offer crypto custodial services. 

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