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Polkadot Unveils New Roadmap: Here's What You Need to Know

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Sep, 30 2022

Sep, 30 2022

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To prepare for the final quarter of 2022, Polkadot Community's developers created a new roadmap that reflects the most important topics they have focused on. 

The new roadmap addresses many topics including parachain scalability, common-good parachains, cross-chain communication, parachain development, relay-chain governance, bridging with other ecosystems, and staking. 

According to Polkadot's co-founder, Rob Habermeier, the proposed changes will allow it to expand or acquire the following capabilities: 

Asynchronous Backing :

Polkadot's parachain consensus protocol was optimized for the first time since December 2021. Block time reduction of 50% is one of the biggest steps towards making the blockchain ecosystem more scalable and accessible. 

Parathreads / Next-Generation Scheduling :

Parathreads is a pay-as-you-go parachain that enables users to start a blockchain in the same manner that a smart contract is launched. Developers won't have to worry about auctions because they can upload code directly to the relay chain. 

XCMv3 :

The third major release of Polkadot is the cross-consensus messaging (XCM), a language for cross-chain communication with the capability to operate both inside and outside the blockchain ecosystem, scheduled for release by 2022. 

FRAME: Weights V2 :

The Weights, which measure Substrate transactions and actions against block capacity, will be updated to introduce a notion of multi-dimensional weights in their second version. 

By mid-October 2022, the new version should be ready for use, according to Habermeier. “Measure not only execution time but also the amount of state accessed by a particular operation.” he added. 

Governance Overhaul :

With the upcoming agile update, Polkadot's governance system will be streamlined, removing councils and technical committees, introducing the Polkadot Fellowship, and creating a community-driven decision-making process. Following a vote and approval from token holders, the new system is to be deployed at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2022. 

Collectives Parachain :

Polodot Collectives, a new parachain expected to launch in October 2022, has been in final testing by the blockchain's Common Good Parachains team. 

Bridge Hub :

Parity's bridge team is developing a Polkadot<> Kusama bridge, which offers a message routing service within each network. Work is being done on the launch plan, with the launch scheduled for the end of the year. 

Nomination Pools & Fast Unstake :

As part of its moves toward a future of proof-of-stake blockchains, Polkadot is also offering Nomination pools to users, allowing them to create permissionless “pools” of stake.? Kusama Pools have been up and running since June, and have clearly been fulfilling Polkadot's purpose of being an experimental playground. 

Staking Dashboard :

The Polkadot development team also recognizes the need to make staking as accessible as possible to ordinary people and end users, as well as to enhance the capabilities of the staking protocol. The blockchain's co-founder stated that the Staking Dashboard will exit its open beta soon, but it is already fully functional and available for use. 

Disputes Slashing :

In December, Polkadot went live with its parachains protocol, and disputes slashing is expected to be enabled until the end of the year. 

He added, "Once disputes slashing is enabled, validators which submit invalid parachain blocks will be slashed for their entire stake, and validators which create faulty disputes will be slashed for a small amount to discourage spam. This greatly increases the economic security of the network as a whole." 


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