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Nova Labs and T-Mobile Sign new Agreement to Expand Coverage

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Sep, 23 2022

Sep, 23 2022

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Nova Labs and T-Mobile Sign an Agreement of a five-year to Expand Coverage that will Cover 5G Dead Spots in the Helium Network.

Nova Labs, the company behind the crypto-powered wireless network Helium, announced a new cooperation with American mobile carrier T-Mobile through which subscribers will get world's first crypto mobile 5G network coverage. Users will have access to both T-5G Mobile's network and the peer-to-peer Helium Mobile network through this new five-year agreement.  

To fill in gaps on the decentralized Helium 5G network which went live in August 2022, Nova Labs has announced this new cooperation with T-Mobile. According to a press release, under the terms of the agreement, Nova Labs will also be allowed to provide mobile goods and services that work with both networks.  

Nova Labs rewards subscribers who help identify Helium's network dead spots with MOBILE crypto rewards. The native token of Helium, HNT, increased by 20% after the news. One gigabyte of data, five gigabytes of data with unlimited talk time and text messaging, and unlimited texting, voice, and data are among the monthly plans that Helium Mobile will offer customers. The agreement's terms weren't made public. 

According to the deal, Boris Renski, general manager of wireless at Nova Labs, will be able to use T-extensive Mobile's network to provide coverage for Helium mobile users in areas without the Helium 5G network. 

While cooperating with an unidentified set of smartphone makers to develop devices effective at defining the cellular environment that would earn more MOBILE tokens than conventional devices, Nova Labs is also providing the service to clients who already own a mobile device. 

Nova Labs is challenging the status quo by employing a decentralised operational architecture to build a nationwide cellular infrastructure capable of serving large areas. Traditional network infrastructure deployments are expensive and can require lengthy approval procedures at various levels of government before going operational. 

Earlier launch of Nova Labs 

Formerly known as Helium Inc., Nova Labs launched their open-source, distributed peer-to-peer network for IoT devices in 2019. The company offered "hotspots," which were plug-and-play devices combining the LoRaWAN protocol with Helium's own blockchain technology. A bridge called a gateway is used by the LoRaWAN IoT network to transmit data from an IoT device to a conventional server over the air. The number of hotspots deployed currently exceeds 900,000.  Boris Renski, the creator of FreedomFi, a business that Nova Labs just purchased, is leading the launch of Helium Mobile. 

At the time of publication, the Helium Mobile network had 2500 U.S. 5G hotspots spread throughout 889 cities. 

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