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Atlantic International Capital develops a sports marketing initiative

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Aug, 03 2022

Aug, 03 2022

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Together with Atlantic International Capital Digital Asset Group (AIC), Pawtocol and UCF developed a special sponsorship initiative that will launch during the next fall 2022 football season. Pawtocol (UPI), which is listed on Coinbase, launched the initiative by sponsoring the University of Central Florida (UCF), one of the biggest campuses in the country with a top-ranked athletics department. A spectrum of financial goods and services are available from AIC that will support cutting-edge and unique crypto sponsorship solutions.  

It can be challenging to work with a cryptocurrency sponsor. That Atlantic International Capital can help professional and collegiate sports groups locate the right partner. As the market for cryptocurrency sponsorships grows, AIC enables blockchain companies to increase their marketing spending by giving businesses the opportunity to use cryptocurrency. Professional and college sports teams can turn to AIC Sports and Entertainment Group to help navigating the complexities of digital asset sponsorships. By taking part in the solution-driven AIC programme, businesses can reach a wider audience with their goods and services. 

In addition to introducing digital asset solutions to athletes, celebrities, college and professional teams, and high-net-worth investors, Atlantic International Capital has a track record of success working with domestic and international businesses to provide token advisory and banking services as well as safe, secure, and regulated crypto-payment options for expensive goods and services. On all of its goods and services, Know Your Customer protocols are implemented. AIC has regional offices in New York and Switzerland in addition to its main office in Boca Raton, Florida.  

By 2026, blockchain sponsorships, according to Nielsen, are expected to reach $5 billion. According to Rich Kinzler, AIC Sports and Entertainment Director, with their help, sports properties can achieve new and incremental sponsorship revenue by partnering with crypto companies with a keen interest in expanding their audience and gaining adoption of this currency. The popularity of sports has made Crypto one of the most popular kind of sports sponsorships. Sports are an essential platform for cryptocurrency companies to reap tangible benefits and engage their target audience because the sports market is mostly made up of ages 18 to 35. 

Colin Jordan, CEO of UPI, commented on the cooperation that a startup in the emerging technology space must be very strategic about every move it makes, especially when it comes to sales and marketing. In addition to helping the company find opportunities that maximize their exposure to their target audience, AIC facilitates these opportunities through their token, UPI, maximizing their marketing budget. 

Cryptocurrency is expanding very fast, particularly in the state of Florida, and this creative cooperation initiative is a natural fit for UCF Athletics, according to UCF Athletic Director Terry Mohajir. 

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