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Fanzee football club raised $2 Million for the gaming experience on Tron blockchain to their fans

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Aug, 01 2022

Aug, 01 2022

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Fanzee announced a $2 million fund raised from the investment round for the development of its proposed TON blockchain-based sports fan engagement platform.  

Investors including TONcoin.fund, MEXC Pioneer, Kucoin Ventures, Huobi Incubator, vlg.digital, 3Commas, Orbs.com, and Hexit. capital, a part of the Swiss-based Hemma Group, among others who have supported and have all shown a lot of interest in this idea. 

This platform was created for sports teams who want to contact their supporters more frequently in order to establish a stronger sense of community, and fan engagement and reward their most devoted fans. Sports clubs can use Fanzee platform to create interactive tasks like quizzes using blockchain advancements like tokenization. According to Fanzee , they may use it to successfully gamify fan loyalty programmes, open up new revenue streams, and reward those fans for their engagementWith Fanzee , soccer teams can develop matchday activities like morning quizzes that are based on the previous game and player-vs-player competitions where fans can bet with their friends on crucial match events. Also, an end-of-game quiz can be included to see how closely fans followed the game and an end-of-game challenge to gather three game-related videos. By taking part in these challenges through experience points, NFT tokens, and cryptocurrencies (such as a club's unique coin) fans can win rewards.  

Participants will be able to register and accrue points toward their "fan level." Clubs might then develop their own fan leaderboards that rate each of their supporters. This will motivate fans to increase their participation in order to climb the leaderboard and win ever more expensive prizes. As an example, a team might give NFT to its most devoted fans as matchday tickets for the following home match. 

Supporters will be able to exchange digital items related to their clubs through a third-party marketplace which is run by Fanzee. If someone wins an NFT offering like a free ticket to the following game but can't attend, they can sell it to someone else who can use it. Moreover, Fanzee simplifies the process for users who prefer simplicity, abstracting away the complexities of cryptocurrency wallets. 

Fansee CEO Ajay Jojo thanked some of the top brains of the Web3 movement for their support and vowed to use digital resources like NFTs to provide "immense value" to millions of sports fans. 

Fanzee aims to put sports fans in the spotlight according to Mark Chadwick, Head of Diligence at TONcoin.fund which is a $250 million growth fund for enterprises built on the TON blockchain. The Fangee platform "will provide actual value for sports companies and their followers," stressed Chadwick. 


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