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Solidus AI Tech Announces Two New Strategic Partnerships

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Jul, 28 2022

Jul, 28 2022

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Solidus AI Tech, the company behind the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) utility token to be used by Government Authorities, Corporations, SMEs, Professionals, Metaverse, and Play2Earn projects for AI services and high-performance computing power, has announced its Play2Earn Metaverse game built on Unreal Engine 5. The company continues to expand its offerings and boost its pipeline of strategic partnerships with two new partnerships recently announced: UltimVR and MetagamZ.

Both companies lead in the field of 3D/ next-generation VR technologies and Metaverse development and both will contribute significant expertise to the Solidus AI Tech Metaverse.

Speaking about the partnership with UltimVR, Solidus AI Techs founder Paul Farhi said: “UltimVR are experts in the field of 3D/VR and will help conceive, develop and deploy our proprietary Solidus AI Tech Metaverse & NFT Marketplace. UltimVR will be using next-generation technology — Unreal Engine 5 — enabling us to provide all our members a cutting-edge Metaverse to play shooting game, driving up the demand for our AITECH token and our forthcoming NFTs. Our NFTs will be conceived in both 2D and 3D format so NFT owners will have real utility with their NFTs by being able to stake them to earn rewards in AITECH tokens whilst we are developing the game and use them inside our Metaverse when it is launched. Users will gain access and play using Solidus NFTs exclusively.”

The second partnership announced by the company is with MetagamZ, leaders in the fields of 3D and VR games and creators of the world’s first Metaverse dedicated to 3D and VR games. MetagamZ will be embedding Solidus AI Tech avatars within the Solidus ecosystem, providing exclusive 3D assets, avatars, weapons and skins to Solidus’ community of gamers which can be traded in our Marketplace. As these 3D assets are exclusive, only Solidus AI Tech and MetagamZ users will have access to Solidus AI Tech’s NFT collections. Holders of Solidus NFTs will have privileged access to premium tools and components inside the MetagamZ ecosystem itself.

At the core of these strategic partnerships is Solidus AI Techs goal of solving problems with high computational needs through its superior HPC capabilities. A prevailing issue in realising Metaverse ambitions is the processing power required. The actual building blocks of the Metaverse are not software and virtual spaces or even the headsets and gadgets required to arrive there — rather, they lie in computers and servers that power the vast virtual worlds that are the future of technology.

About :

Founded in December 2017, Solidus Technologies started as a cryptocurrency mining ?rm with a particular focus on mining Ethereum (ETH) via GPU-based mining rigs. In the wake of the 2020 financial crash and the significant boost in demand for AI services, the company shifted its core focus to Artificial Intelligence and incorporated Solidus AI Tech to become the AI arm of the business. Solidus’ Artificial Intelligence infrastructure will enable Government Authorities, Corporations, SME’s, Professionals, Metaverse & Play2Earn projects to purchase AI services. Solidus AI Tech is launching its eco-friendly AITECH token to operate seamlessly with their AI infrastructure. AITECH can be bought, staked or held.

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For more information mail to: admin@ai-tech.io


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