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Plato and Quantum Generation jointly deploy decentralised space-based quantum network by 2027

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Jul, 19 2022

Jul, 19 2022

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Plato, an open intelligence repository and platform that curates the most recent data intelligence, and Quantum Generation (QG), a space-based decentralised banking, exchange, data storage, and social platform, announced that the two teams will deploy a decentralised space-based quantum network by 2027.

The Plato and Qubit blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies will benefit from even greater security and decentralisation when transactions are carried out through satellites. As a result, any physical intrusion is prevented from the quantum infrastructure. The web3 platform and data execution from Plato, along with the quantum communications, data storage, and space-based quantum internet from Quantum Generations, are intended to revolutionise the digital economy and widen access to the last mile. Additionally, the partnership will offer a chance to enhance space technologies.

As the first generation of blockchain to participate in the space race and the quantum space revolution, the Qubit Blockchain from the Quantum Generation was the first testing node flown to low Earth orbit in 2018 on SpaceX. According to the current plan, Plato's blockchain nodes will be deployed in the first quarter of 2023.

For the QG community, Quantum Generation has currently launched a unique membership program. Every new user of Plato's platform will be given a web3 address and put on a priority list for the QPhone and other goods and services.

A new frontier and a significant step toward the quantum space revolution are represented by the partnership. Quantum Generation is creating global 24/7 access with new sovereignty on an incentivized, secure, and private platform.

About Plato:

The open intelligence platform and repository, Plato collects the most recent data intelligence from the innovation sector. The platform is made to give fully secure Web3 connectivity while offering a safe and secure environment to consume industry-specific real-time data intelligence. 27 Market Verticals are covered by Plato in 27 languages. By organising the technology industry through real-time research access across numerous data sets, including an organised taxonomy consisting of decentralised directories; news and intelligence, regulatory information, company fundamentals, pricing and liquidity, data analytics, OnChain data, people directory, dApp directory, and GitHub contributions to the registry, Plato's mission is to accelerate the shift to Web3. Plato was created to connect users to thousands of Defi-specific applications without any hassle.

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